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  • رو و سر در جامه‌‌ها پیچیده‌‌اید ** لا جرم با دیده و نادیده‌‌اید 1405
  • Ye have wrapped your faces and heads in your clothes: of necessity ye have eyes and see not.’
  • آدمی دید است و باقی پوست است ** دید آن است آن که دید دوست است‌‌
  • Man is eye, and (all) the rest is (worthless) skin: the sight of that (eye) is (consists in) seeing the Beloved.
  • چون که دید دوست نبود کور به ** دوست کاو باقی نباشد دور به‌‌
  • When there is not sight of the Beloved, it (the eye) is better blind; the beloved who is not everlasting is better afar (away and out of sight).”
  • چون رسول روم این الفاظ تر ** در سماع آورد شد مشتاق‌‌تر
  • When the ambassador of Rúm admitted these fresh (spiritual) words into his hearing (gave ear to them), he became more full of longing.
  • دیده را بر جستن عمر گماشت ** رخت را و اسب را ضایع گذاشت‌‌
  • He fixed his eye on seeking ‘Umar, he let his baggage and horse be lost.
  • هر طرف اندر پی آن مرد کار ** می‌‌شدی پرسان او دیوانه‌‌وار 1410
  • He was going in every direction after that man of (great) accomplishment, inquiring madly for him,
  • کاین چنین مردی بود اندر جهان ** وز جهان مانند جان باشد نهان‌‌
  • Saying, “Can there be in the world such a man, and he be hid, like the spirit, from the world?”
  • جست او را تاش چون بنده بود ** لا جرم جوینده یابنده بود
  • He sought him, that he might be as a slave to him: inevitably the seeker is a finder.
  • دید اعرابی زنی او را دخیل ** گفت عمر نک به زیر آن نخیل‌‌
  • An Arab woman of the desert saw that he was a stranger-guest. “Look,” said she, “there is ‘Umar under that palm.
  • زیر خرما بن ز خلقان او جدا ** زیر سایه خفته بین سایه‌‌ی خدا
  • There he is under the palm-tree, apart from the people: behold the Shadow of God asleep in the shade!”
  • یافتن رسول روم عمر را خفته در زیر درخت‌‌
  • How the ambassador of Rúm found the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, sleeping under the tree.