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  • ای حیات دل حسام‌الدین بسی  ** میل می‌جوشد به قسم سادسی 
  • O Life of the heart, Husámu’ddín, desire for (the composition of) a Sixth Part has long been boiling (within me).
  • گشت از جذب چو تو علامه‌ای  ** در جهان گردان حسامی نامه‌ای 
  • Through the attraction (influence) of a Sage like thee, a Book of Husám has come into circulation in the world.
  • پیش‌کش می‌آرمت ای معنوی  ** قسم سادس در تمام مثنوی 
  • (Now), O spiritual one, I bring to thee as an offering the Sixth Part to complete the Mathnawí.
  • شش جهت را نور ده زین شش صحف  ** کی یطوف حوله من لم یطف 
  • From these Six Books give light to the Six Directions, in order that any one who has not performed the circumambulation may (now) perform it (round the Mathnawí).
  • عشق را با پنج و با شش کار نیست  ** مقصد او جز که جذب یار نیست  5
  • Love hath naught to do with the five (senses) and the six (directions): its goal is only (to experience) the attraction exerted by the Beloved.
  • بوک فیما بعد دستوری رسد  ** رازهای گفتنی گفته شود 
  • Afterwards, maybe, permission will come (from God): the secrets that ought to be told will be told,
  • یا بیانی که بود نزدیکتر  ** زین کنایات دقیق مستتر 
  • With an eloquence that is nearer (to the understanding) than these subtle recondite allusions.
  • راز جز با رازدان انباز نیست  ** راز اندر گوش منکر راز نیست 
  • The secret is partner with none but the knower of the secret; in the sceptic's ear the secret is no secret (at all).
  • لیک دعوت واردست از کردگار  ** با قبول و ناقبول او را چه کار 
  • But (the command) to call (the people to God) comes down from the Maker: what has he (the prophet or saint) to do with (their) acceptance or non-acceptance?
  • نوح نهصد سال دعوت می‌نمود  ** دم به دم انکار قومش می‌فزود  10
  • Noah continued to call (the people to God) for nine hundred years: the unbelief of his folk was increasing from moment to moment.