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  • کر اصلی کش نبود آغاز گوش ** لال باشد کی کند در نطق جوش‌‌
  • He that is deaf by nature, he that had no ear at the beginning, is dumb: how should he burst into speech?
  • ز آن که اول سمع باید نطق را ** سوی منطق از ره سمع اندر آ
  • Since, in order to speak, one must first hear, do thou come to speech by the way of hearing.
  • ادخلوا الأبیات من أبوابها ** و اطلبوا الأغراض فی أسبابها
  • And enter ye the houses by their doors, and seek ye the ends in their causes.
  • نطق کان موقوف راه سمع نیست ** جز که نطق خالق بی‌‌طمع نیست‌‌
  • There is no speech independent of the way of hearing except the speech of the Creator who is without want.
  • مبدع است او تابع استاد نی ** مسند جمله و را اسناد نی‌‌ 1630
  • He is the Originator, He follows no master; He is the support of all things, He hath no support,
  • باقیان هم در حرف هم در مقال ** تابع استاد و محتاج مثال‌‌
  • (While) the rest, (engaged) in handicrafts and talk, follow a master and have need of a pattern.
  • زین سخن گر نیستی بیگانه‌‌ای ** دلق و اشکی گیر در ویرانه‌‌ای‌‌
  • If thou art not alien to (unfit to hear) this discourse, assume the frock of a dervish and (take to shedding) tears in some deserted place,
  • ز آن که آدم ز آن عتاب از اشک رست ** اشک تر باشد دم توبه پرست‌‌
  • Because Adam by means of tears escaped from that reproof: moist tears are the breath (speech) of the penitent.
  • بهر گریه آمد آدم بر زمین ** تا بود گریان و نالان و حزین‌‌
  • For weeping's sake Adam came (down) to the earth, that he might be weeping and moaning and sorrowful.
  • آدم از فردوس و از بالای هفت ** پای ماچان از برای عذر رفت‌‌ 1635
  • Adam, (cast out) from Paradise and from above the Seven (Heavens), went to the “shoe-row” for the purpose of excusing himself.