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  • غیرت حق بود و با حق چاره نیست ** کو دلی کز حکم حق صد پاره نیست‌‌
  • ’Twas the jealousy of God, and there is no device against God: where is a heart that is not (shattered) in a hundred pieces by God's love?
  • غیرت آن باشد که او غیر همه ست ** آن که افزون از بیان و دمدمه ست‌‌
  • The jealousy (of God) is this, that He is other than all things, that He is beyond explanation and the noise of words.
  • ای دریغا اشک من دریا بدی ** تا نثار دل بر زیبا بدی‌‌
  • Oh, alas! Would that my tears were an ocean, that they might be strewn as an offering to the fair charmer!
  • طوطی من مرغ زیرکسار من ** ترجمان فکرت و اسرار من‌‌ 1715
  • My parrot, my clever-headed bird, the interpreter of my thought and inmost consciousness,
  • هر چه روزی داد و ناداد آیدم ** او ز اول گفته تا یاد آیدم‌‌
  • She has told me from the first, that I might remember it, whatsoever should come to me as my allotted portion of right and wrong.”
  • طوطیی کاید ز وحی آواز او ** پیش از آغاز وجود آغاز او
  • The parrot whose voice comes from (Divine) inspiration and whose beginning was before the beginning of existence—
  • اندرون تست آن طوطی نهان ** عکس او را دیده تو بر این و آن‌‌
  • That parrot is hidden within thee: thou hast seen the reflexion of her upon this and that (the things of the phenomenal world).
  • می‌‌برد شادیت را تو شاد از او ** می‌‌پذیری ظلم را چون داد از او
  • She takes away thy joy, and because of her thou art rejoicing: thou receivest injury from her as though it were justice.
  • ای که جان را بهر تن می‌‌سوختی ** سوختی جان را و تن افروختی‌‌ 1720
  • O thou who wert burning the soul for the body's sake, thou hast burned (destroyed) the soul and illumined (delighted) the body.
  • سوختم من سوخته خواهد کسی ** تا ز من آتش زند اندر خسی‌‌
  • I am burning (with love of God): does any one want tinder, let him set his rubbish ablaze with fire from me.