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  • سالها تو سنگ بودی دل خراش ** آزمون را یک زمانی خاک باش‌‌
  • Years hast thou been a heart-jagging rock: once, for the sake of experiment, be earth!
  • داستان پیر چنگی که در عهد عمر از بهر خدا روز بی‌‌نوایی چنگ زد میان گورستان‌‌
  • The story of the old harper who in the time of ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, on a day when he was starving played the harp for God's sake in the graveyard.
  • آن شنیده ستی که در عهد عمر ** بود چنگی مطربی با کر و فر
  • Hast thou heard that in the time of ‘Umar there was a harper, a fine and glorious minstrel?
  • بلبل از آواز او بی‌‌خود شدی ** یک طرب ز آواز خوبش صد شدی‌‌
  • The nightingale would be made beside herself by his voice: by his beautiful voice one rapture would be turned into a hundred.
  • مجلس و مجمع دمش آراستی ** وز نوای او قیامت خاستی‌‌ 1915
  • His breath was an ornament to assembly and congregation, and at his song the dead would arise.
  • همچو اسرافیل کاوازش به فن ** مردگان را جان در آرد در بدن‌‌
  • (He was) like Isráfíl (Seraphiel), whose voice will cunningly bring the souls of the dead into their bodies,
  • یا رسیلی بود اسرافیل را ** کز سماعش پر برستی فیل را
  • Or he was (like) an accompanist to Isráfíl, for his music would make the elephant grow wings.
  • سازد اسرافیل روزی ناله را ** جان دهد پوسیده‌‌ی صد ساله را
  • One day Isráfíl will make a shrill sound and will give life to him that has been rotten for a hundred years.
  • انبیا را در درون هم نغمه‌‌هاست ** طالبان را ز آن حیات بی‌‌بهاست‌‌
  • The prophets also have (spiritual) notes within, whence there comes life beyond price to them that seek (God).
  • نشنود آن نغمه‌‌ها را گوش حس ** کز ستمها گوش حس باشد نجس‌‌ 1920
  • The sensual ear does not hear those notes, for the sensual ear is defiled by iniquities.
  • نشنود نغمه‌‌ی پری را آدمی ** کاو بود ز اسرار پریان اعجمی‌‌
  • The note of the peri is not heard by man, for he is unable to apprehend the mysteries of the peris,