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  • کوری ایشان درون دوستان ** حق برویانید باغ و بوستان‌‌
  • God, in despite of them, caused (spiritual) gardens and plots of sweet flowers to grow in the hearts of His friends.
  • هر گلی کاندر درون بویا بود ** آن گل از اسرار کل گویا بود
  • Every rose that is sweet-scented within, that rose is telling of the secrets of the rose.
  • بوی ایشان رغم انف منکران ** گرد عالم می‌‌رود پرده دران‌‌
  • Their scent, to the confusion of the sceptics, is going round the world, rending the veil (of doubt and disbelief).
  • منکران همچون جعل ز آن بوی گل ** یا چو نازک مغز در بانگ دهل‌‌
  • The sceptics, (shrinking) from the scent of the rose like a beetle, or like a delicate (sensitive) brain at the noise of the drum,
  • خویشتن مشغول می‌‌سازند و غرق ** چشم می‌‌دزدند زین لمعان برق‌‌ 2025
  • Feign themselves to be occupied and absorbed, and withdraw their eyes from the flash of the lightning.
  • چشم می‌‌دزدند و آن جا چشم نی ** چشم آن باشد که بیند مأمنی‌‌
  • They withdraw their eyes, but no eye is there: the eye is that which sees a place of safety.
  • چون ز گورستان پیمبر باز گشت ** سوی صدیقه شد و هم راز گشت‌‌
  • When the Prophet returned from the graveyard, he went to the Siddíqa and confided (in her).
  • چشم صدیقه چو بر رویش فتاد ** پیش آمد دست بر وی می‌‌نهاد
  • As soon as the eye of the Siddíqa fell upon his countenance, she advanced and began to lay her hand on him,
  • بر عمامه و روی او و موی او ** بر گریبان و بر و بازوی او
  • On his turban and his face and his hair, on his collar and chest and arm.
  • گفت پیغمبر چه می‌‌جویی شتاب ** گفت باران آمد امروز از سحاب‌‌ 2030
  • Said the Prophet, “What art thou seeking so hastily?” She replied, “To-day rain fell from the clouds: