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  • هر که را باشد ز یزدان کار و بار ** یافت بار آن جا و بیرون شد ز کار
  • Whosoever hath his work and business from God, gains admission there and goes forth from (abandons worldly) work.
  • آن که او را نبود از اسرار داد ** کی کند تصدیق او ناله‌‌ی جماد
  • He that hath no gift (portion) of spiritual mysteries, how should he believe in the complaining of inanimate things?
  • گوید آری نه ز دل بهر وفاق ** تا نگویندش که هست اهل نفاق‌‌
  • He says “Yes,” not from his heart (but) for agreement's sake, lest people should say that he is a hypocrite (in his religion).
  • گر نیندی واقفان امر کن ** در جهان رد گشته بودی این سخن‌‌
  • Unless there were knowers of the (Divine) command “Be!”, this doctrine (that inanimate things are capable of speech) would have been rejected in the world.
  • صد هزاران ز اهل تقلید و نشان ** افکندشان نیم وهمی در گمان‌‌ 2125
  • Myriads of conformists and legalists are cast into doubt by a half-imagination,
  • که به ظن تقلید و استدلالشان ** قایم است و جمله پر و بالشان‌‌
  • For their conformity and their drawing evidence from logical proofs and all their wings and wing-feathers (every means which they employ in order to arrive at the truth) depend on opinion.
  • شبهه‌‌ای انگیزد آن شیطان دون ** در فتند این جمله کوران سر نگون‌‌
  • The vile Devil raises a doubt (in their minds): all these blind ones fall in headlong.
  • پای استدلالیان چوبین بود ** پای چوبین سخت بی‌‌تمکین بود
  • The leg of the syllogisers is of wood: a wooden leg is very infirm,
  • غیر آن قطب زمان دیده‌‌ور ** کز ثباتش کوه گردد خیره‌‌سر
  • Unlike the Qutb (supreme saint) of the age, the possessor of (spiritual) vision, by whose steadfastness the mountain is made giddy-headed (amazed).
  • پای نابینا عصا باشد عصا ** تا نیفتد سر نگون او بر حصا 2130
  • The blind man's leg is a staff, a staff, so that he may not fall headlong on the pebbles.