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  • بار دیگر گرد گورستان بگشت ** همچو آن شیر شکاری گرد دشت‌‌
  • Once again he wandered about the graveyard, like the hunting lion about the desert.
  • چون یقین گشتش که غیر پیر نیست ** گفت در ظلمت دل روشن بسی است‌‌
  • When it became certain to him that none was there except the old man, he said, “Many an illumined heart is (to be found) in darkness.”
  • آمد او با صد ادب آن جا نشست ** بر عمر عطسه فتاد و پیر جست‌‌ 2175
  • He came and sat down there (beside him) with a hundred marks of respect. ‘Umar happened to sneeze, and the old man sprang to his feet.
  • مر عمر را دید و ماند اندر شگفت ** عزم رفتن کرد و لرزیدن گرفت‌‌
  • He saw ‘Umar and stood fixed in amazement: he resolved to go and began to tremble (with fear).
  • گفت در باطن خدایا از تو داد ** محتسب بر پیرکی چنگی فتاد
  • He said within himself, “O God, help, I beseech thee! The Inspector has fallen upon a poor old harper.”
  • چون نظر اندر رخ آن پیر کرد ** دید او را شرمسار و روی زرد
  • When ‘Umar looked on the old man's countenance, he saw him ashamed and pale.
  • پس عمر گفتش مترس از من مرم ** کت بشارتها ز حق آورده‌‌ام‌‌
  • Then ‘Umar said to him, “Fear not, do not flee from me, for I have brought thee glad tidings from God.
  • چند یزدان مدحت خوی تو کرد ** تا عمر را عاشق روی تو کرد 2180
  • How often has God praised thy disposition, so that He has made ‘Umar in love with thy face!
  • پیش من بنشین و مهجوری مساز ** تا به گوشت گویم از اقبال راز
  • Sit down beside me and do not make separation (between us), that I may say into thine ear the secret (message) from (the Divine) favour.
  • حق سلامت می‌‌کند می‌‌پرسدت ** چونی از رنج و غمان بی‌‌حدت‌‌
  • God sends thee greeting and asks thee how thou farest in thy distress and boundless sorrows.