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  • بهر فرجه شد یکی تا گلستان ** فرجه‌‌ی او شد جمال باغبان‌‌
  • A certain man went to the rose-garden to take his pleasure, and found it in the beauty of the gardener,
  • همچو اعرابی که آب از چه کشید ** آب حیوان از رخ یوسف چشید
  • Like the desert Arab who drew water from the well and tasted the Water of Life from the (lovely) face of Joseph.
  • رفت موسی کاتش آرد او به دست ** آتشی دید او که از آتش برست‌‌
  • Moses went to fetch fire: he beheld such a Fire (the Burning Bush) that he escaped from (searching after) fire.
  • جست عیسی تا رهد از دشمنان ** بردش آن جستن به چارم آسمان‌‌
  • Jesus sprang up, to escape from his enemies: that spring carried him to the Fourth Heaven.
  • دام آدم خوشه‌‌ی گندم شده ** تا وجودش خوشه‌‌ی مردم شده‌‌ 2790
  • The ear of wheat became a trap for Adam, so that his existence became the wheat-ear (seed and origin) of mankind.
  • باز آید سوی دام از بهر خور ** ساعد شه یابد و اقبال و فر
  • The falcon comes to the snare for food: it finds the fore-arm (wrist) of the King and fortune and glory.
  • طفل شد مکتب پی کسب هنر ** بر امید مرغ با لطف پدر
  • The child went to school to acquire knowledge, in hope of (getting) its father's pretty bird (as a prize);
  • پس ز مکتب آن یکی صدری شده ** ماهگانه داده و بدری شده‌‌
  • Then, by (going to) school, that child rose to the top, paid monthly fees (to his teacher), and became perfect (in knowledge).
  • آمده عباس حرب از بهر کین ** بهر قمع احمد و استیز دین‌‌
  • ‘Abbás had come to war for vengeance’ sake, for the purpose of subduing Ahmad (Mohammed) and opposing the (true) religion:
  • گشته دین را تا قیامت پشت و رو ** در خلافت او و فرزندان او 2795
  • He and his descendants in the Caliphate became a back and front (complete support) to the (true) religion until the Resurrection.