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  • چون گرسنه می‌‌شوی سگ می‌‌شوی ** تند و بد پیوند و بد رگ می‌‌شوی‌‌
  • When you become hungry, you become a dog: you become fierce and ill-tempered and ill-natured.
  • چون شدی تو سیر مرداری شدی ** بی‌‌خبر بی‌‌پا چو دیواری شدی‌‌
  • When you have eaten your fill, you have become a carcase: you have become devoid of understanding and without feet (inert), like a wall.
  • پس دمی مردار و دیگر دم سگی ** چون کنی در راه شیران خوش تگی‌‌ 2875
  • So at one time you are a carcase and at another time a dog: how will you run well in the road of the lions (follow the saints)?
  • آلت اشکار خود جز سگ مدان ** کمترک انداز سگ را استخوان‌‌
  • Know that your only means of hunting is the dog (the animal soul): throw bones to the dog but seldom,
  • ز آن که سگ چون سیر شد سرکش شود ** کی سوی صید و شکار خوش دود
  • Because when the dog has eaten its fill, it becomes rebellious: how should it run to the goodly chase and hunt?
  • آن عرب را بی‌‌نوایی می‌‌کشید ** تا بدان درگاه و آن دولت رسید
  • Want of food was leading the Arab till he arrived at that (exalted) court and that (high) fortune.
  • در حکایت گفته‌‌ایم احسان شاه ** در حق آن بی‌‌نوای بی‌‌پناه‌‌
  • We have related in the (foregoing) story the kindness shown by the King to that needy one who had no refuge.
  • هر چه گوید مرد عاشق بوی عشق ** از دهانش می‌‌جهد در کوی عشق‌‌ 2880
  • Whatsoever the man in love (with God) speaks, the scent of Love is springing from his mouth into the abode of Love.
  • گر بگوید فقه فقر آید همه ** بوی فقر آید از آن خوش دمدمه‌‌
  • If he speak (formal) theology, it all turns to (spiritual) poverty: the scent of poverty comes from that man of sweet and beguiling discourse.
  • ور بگوید کفر دارد بوی دین ** ور به شک گوید شکش گردد یقین‌‌
  • And if he speak infidelity, it has the scent of (the true) religion, and if he speak doubtfully, his doubt turns to certainty.