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  • گر سیاه است او هم آهنگ تو است ** تو سپیدش خوان که هم رنگ تو است‌‌
  • If he is black, (yet) he is in accord with you: call him white, for (spiritually) his complexion is the same as yours.
  • این حکایت گفته شد زیر و زبر ** همچو فکر عاشقان بی‌‌پا و سر
  • This story has been told up and down (confusedly), like the thoughts of lovers, without foot (end) or head (beginning).
  • سر ندارد چون ز ازل بوده ست پیش ** پا ندارد با ابد بوده ست خویش‌‌
  • It hath no head, inasmuch as it existed before eternity; it hath no foot: it has (always) been akin to everlastingness.
  • بلکه چون آب است هر قطره از آن ** هم سر است و پا و هم بی‌‌هردوان‌‌
  • Nay, it is like water: every drop thereof is both head and foot, and at the same time without both.
  • حاش لله این حکایت نیست هین ** نقد حال ما و تست این خوش ببین‌‌ 2900
  • This is not a story, mark you! God forbid! This is the ready money (presentation, here and now) of my state and yours. Consider (it) well,
  • ز آن که صوفی با کر و با فر بود ** هر چه آن ماضی است لا یذکر بود
  • Because the Súfí is grand and glorious (in his spiritual vision): whatever is past is not remembered (does not enter his mind).
  • هم عرب ما هم سبو ما هم ملک ** جمله ما يؤفک عنه من أفک‌‌
  • We are both the Arab and the jug and the King; we are all: he that has been turned away from it (the Truth) shall be turned away.
  • عقل را شو دان و زن را نفس و طمع ** این دو ظلمانی و منکر عقل شمع‌‌
  • Know that the husband is Reason, and this wife is the appetitive soul and cupidity: these twain are dark and deniers (of Reason); Reason is the (bright) candle.
  • بشنو اکنون اصل انکار از چه خاست ** ز آن که کل را گونه گونه جزوهاست‌‌
  • Now hear the origin of their denial, whence it arose: (it arose) from the fact that the Whole hath various parts.
  • جزو کل نی جزوها نسبت به کل ** نی چو بوی گل که باشد جزو گل‌‌ 2905
  • The parts of the Whole are not parts in relation to the Whole — (they are) not like the scent of the rose, which is a part of the rose.