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  • دست پیر از غایبان کوتاه نیست ** دست او جز قبضه‌‌ی الله نیست‌‌ 2975
  • The hand of the Pír is not withdrawn from the absent (those who are not under his authority): his hand is naught but the grasp of God.
  • غایبان را چون چنین خلعت دهند ** حاضران از غایبان لا شک بهند
  • Inasmuch as they give such a robe of honour to the absent, (what must they give their disciples?): undoubtedly the present are better than the absent.
  • غایبان را چون نواله می‌‌دهند ** پیش مهمان تا چه نعمتها نهند
  • Since they are bestowing (spiritual) food on the absent, see what bounties they must lay before the guest.
  • کو کسی که پیش شه بندد کمر ** تا کسی که هست بیرون سوی در
  • Where is one that girds himself (for service) before the king to (i.e. how far superior is he to) one that is outside the door?
  • چون گزیدی پیر نازک دل مباش ** سست و ریزیده چو آب و گل مباش‌‌
  • When thou hast chosen thy Pír, be not faint-hearted, be not weak as water and crumbly as earth.
  • گر بهر زخمی تو پر کینه شوی ** پس کجا بی‌‌صیقل آیینه شوی‌‌ 2980
  • If thou art enraged by every blow, then how wilt thou become a (clear) mirror without being polished?
  • کبودی زدن قزوینی بر شانگاه صورت شیر و پشیمان شدن او به سبب زخم سوزن‌‌
  • How the man of Qazwín was tattooing the figure of a lion in blue on his shoulders, and (then) repenting because of the (pain of the) needle-pricks.
  • این حکایت بشنو از صاحب بیان ** در طریق و عادت قزوینیان‌‌
  • Hear from the narrator this story about the way and custom of the people of Qazwín.
  • بر تن و دست و کتفها بی‌‌گزند ** از سر سوزن کبودیها زنند
  • They tattoo themselves in blue with the point of a needle on body and hand and shoulders, so as to suffer no injury.
  • سوی دلاکی بشد قزوینیی ** که کبودم زن بکن شیرینیی‌‌
  • A certain man of Qazwín went to a barber and said, “Tattoo me (and) do it charmingly (artistically).”
  • گفت چه صورت زنم ای پهلوان ** گفت بر زن صورت شیر ژیان‌‌
  • “O valiant sir,” said he, “what figure shall I tattoo?” He answered, “Prick in the figure of a furious lion.