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  • تا بپوشاند جهان را نقطه‌‌ای ** مهر گردد منکسف از سقطه‌‌ای‌‌
  • So that the (whole) world may be covered (hidden from view) by a single point, and the sun be eclipsed by a splinter.”
  • لب ببند و غور دریایی نگر ** بحر را حق کرد محکوم بشر
  • Close thy lips and gaze on the depth of the sea (within thee): God made the sea subject to man,
  • همچو چشمه‌‌ی سلسبیل و زنجبیل ** هست در حکم بهشتی جلیل‌‌
  • Even as the fountains of Salsabíl and Zanjabíl are under the control of the exalted ones of Paradise.
  • چار جوی جنت اندر حکم ماست ** این نه زور ما ز فرمان خداست‌‌ 3560
  • The four rivers of Paradise are under our control; this is not (by) our might, ’tis (by) the command of God:
  • هر کجا خواهیم داریمش روان ** همچو سحر اندر مراد ساحران‌‌
  • We keep them flowing wheresoever we will, like magic (which takes its course) according to the desire of the magicians,
  • همچو این دو چشمه‌‌ی چشم روان ** هست در حکم دل و فرمان جان‌‌
  • Just as these two flowing eye-fountains (the two eyes) are under the control of the heart and subject to the command of the spirit.
  • گر بخواهد رفت سوی زهر و مار ** ور بخواهد رفت سوی اعتبار
  • If it (the heart) will, they turn towards poison and the snake, and if it will, they turn to (edifying) consideration.
  • گر بخواهد سوی محسوسات رفت ** ور بخواهد سوی ملبوسات رفت‌‌
  • If it will, they turn to sensuous things, and if it will, they turn to things clothed (in the forms of thought and phantasy).
  • گر بخواهد سوی کلیات راند ** ور بخواهد حبس جزویات ماند 3565
  • If it will, they advance towards universals, and if it will, they remain in bondage to particulars.
  • همچنین هر پنج حس چون نایزه ** بر مراد و امر دل شد جایزه‌‌
  • Similarly all the five senses are passing (in movement) according to the will and command of the heart, like the spout.