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  • من غلام آن چراغ چشم جو ** که چراغت روشنی پذرفت از او
  • I am the (devoted) slave of that eye-seeking Lamp from which thy lamp received splendour.
  • من غلام موج آن دریای نور ** که چنین گوهر بر آرد در ظهور 3985
  • I am the slave of the the billow of that Sea of Light which brings a pearl like this into view.
  • عرضه کن بر من شهادت را که من ** مر ترا دیدم سرافراز زمن‌‌
  • Offer me the profession of the (Moslem) Faith, for I regard you as the exalted one of the time.”
  • قرب پنجه کس ز خویش و قوم او ** عاشقانه سوی دین کردند رو
  • Near fifty persons of his kindred and tribe lovingly turned their faces towards the Religion (of Islam).
  • او به تیغ حلم چندین حلق را ** وا خرید از تیغ و چندین خلق را
  • By the sword of clemency he ('Ali) redeemed so many throats and such a multitude from the sword.
  • تیغ حلم از تیغ آهن تیزتر ** بل ز صد لشکر ظفر انگیزتر
  • The sword of clemency is sharper than the sword of iron; nay, it is more productive of victory than a hundred armies.
  • ای دریغا لقمه‌‌ای دو خورده شد ** جوشش فکرت از آن افسرده شد 3990
  • Oh, alas, two mouthfuls were eaten, and thereby the ferment of thought was frozen up.
  • گندمی خورشید آدم را کسوف ** چون ذنب شعشاع بدری را خسوف‌‌
  • A grain of wheat eclipsed the sun of Adam, as the descending node is (the cause of) eclipse to the brilliance of the full-moon.
  • اینت لطف دل که از یک مشت گل ** ماه او چون می‌‌شود پروین گسل‌‌
  • Behold the beauty of the heart, how its moon scatters the Pleiades (how its light is broken and disordered) by a single handful of clay.
  • نان چو معنی بود خوردش سود بود ** چون که صورت گشت انگیزد جحود
  • When the bread was spirit, it was beneficial; since it became form, it rouses disbelief.