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  • گفت اینک نایب آن مرد من ** نایب عیسی منم اندر زمن‌‌
  • “Behold,” said he, “I am that man's vicar: I am the vicar of Jesus at the present time.
  • اینک این طومار برهان من است ** کاین نیابت بعد از او آن من است‌‌
  • Look, this scroll is my proof that after him the vicarate belongs to me.”
  • آن امیر دیگر آمد از کمین ** دعوی او در خلافت بد همین‌‌
  • Another amír came forth from ambush: his pretension regarding the vicegerency was the same;
  • از بغل او نیز طوماری نمود ** تا بر آمد هر دو را خشم جهود 700
  • He too produced a scroll from under his arm, so that in both (amírs) there arose the Jewish anger.
  • آن امیران دگر یک یک قطار ** بر کشیده تیغهای آب دار
  • The rest of the amírs, one after another, drawing swords of keen mettle,
  • هر یکی را تیغ و طوماری به دست ** درهم‌‌افتادند چون پیلان مست‌‌
  • Each with a sword and a scroll in his hand, fell to combat like raging elephants.
  • صد هزاران مرد ترسا کشته شد ** تا ز سرهای بریده پشته شد
  • Hundreds of thousands of Christians were slain, so that there were mounds of severed heads;
  • خون روان شد همچو سیل از چپ و راست ** کوه کوه اندر هوا زین گرد خاست‌‌
  • Blood flowed, on left and right, like a torrent; mountains of this dust (of battle) rose in the air.
  • تخمهای فتنه‌‌ها کاو کشته بود ** آفت سرهای ایشان گشته بود 705
  • The seeds of dissension which he (the vizier) had sown had become a calamity (cause of destruction) to their heads.
  • جوزها بشکست و آن کان مغز داشت ** بعد کشتن روح پاک نغز داشت‌‌
  • The walnuts (bodies) were broken, and those which had the kernel had, after being slain, a spirit pure and fair.