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  • جمله دانایان همین گفته همین ** هست دانا رحمة للعالمین‌‌
  • All the wise have said this same thing: the wise man is a (Divine) mercy to created beings.
  • گر اناری می‌‌خری خندان بخر ** تا دهد خنده ز دانه‌‌ی او خبر
  • If you would buy a pomegranate, buy (it when it is) laughing (having its rind cleft open), so that its laughter (openness) may give information as to its seeds.
  • ای مبارک خنده‌‌اش کاو از دهان ** می‌‌نماید دل چو در از درج جان‌‌
  • Oh, blessed is its laughter, for through its mouth it shows the heart, like a pearl from the casket of the spirit.
  • نامبارک خنده‌‌ی آن لاله بود ** کز دهان او سیاهی دل نمود 720
  • Unblest was the laughter (openness) of the red anemone, from whose mouth appeared the blackness of its heart.
  • نار خندان باغ را خندان کند ** صحبت مردانت از مردان کند
  • The laughing pomegranate makes the garden laughing (gay and blooming): companionship with (holy) men makes you one of the (holy) men.
  • گر تو سنگ صخره و مرمر شوی ** چون به صاحب دل رسی گوهر شوی‌‌
  • Though you be rock or marble, you will become a jewel when you reach the man of heart (the saint).
  • مهر پاکان در میان جان نشان ** دل مده الا به مهر دل خوشان‌‌
  • Plant the love of the holy ones within your spirit; do not give your heart (to aught) save to the love of them whose hearts are glad.
  • کوی نومیدی مرو امیدهاست ** سوی تاریکی مرو خورشیدهاست‌‌
  • Go not to the neighbourhood of despair: there are hopes. Go not in the direction of darkness: there are suns.
  • دل ترا در کوی اهل دل کشد ** تن ترا در حبس آب و گل کشد 725
  • The heart leads you into the neighbourhood of the men of heart (the saints); the body leads you into the prison of water and earth.
  • هین غذای دل بده از هم دلی ** رو بجو اقبال را از مقبلی‌‌
  • Oh, give your heart food from (conversation with) one who is in accord with it; go, seek (spiritual) advancement from one who is advanced.
  • تعظیم نعت مصطفی علیه السلام که مذکور بود در انجیل
  • How honour was paid to the description of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, which was mentioned in the Gospel.