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  • از حسد بر یوسف مصری چه رفت ** این حسد اندر کمین گرگی است زفت‏
  • What happened to Joseph of Egypt on account of envy? This envy is a big wolf in covert.
  • لاجرم زین گرگ یعقوب حلیم ** داشت بر یوسف همیشه خوف و بیم‏
  • Of necessity, kind Jacob always had fear and dread for Joseph because of this wolf.
  • گرگ ظاهر گرد یوسف خود نگشت ** این حسد در فعل از گرگان گذشت‏
  • The outward (visible) wolf, indeed, did not prowl about (approach) Joseph; (but) this envy has actually surpassed wolves (in malignity).
  • رحم کرد این گرگ و ز عذر لبق ** آمده که إنا ذهبنا نستبق‏ 1410
  • This (visible) wolf took pity (on Joseph), and by way of specious excuse came (the words), “Lo, we went to compete with one another.”
  • صد هزاران گرگ را این مکر نیست ** عاقبت رسوا شود این گرگ بیست‏
  • Hundreds of thousands of wolves have not this cunning; (but) this wolf will at last be put to shame—stop (and see)!—
  • ز انکه حشر حاسدان روز گزند ** بی‏گمان بر صورت گرگان کنند
  • Because on the Day of Bale the envious will without doubt be (raised from the dead and) brought together (to Judgement) in the shape of wolves.
  • حشر پر حرص خس مردار خوار ** صورت خوکی بود روز شمار
  • The resurrection of the greedy vile eater of carrion (unlawful food) will be in the shape of a hog on the Day of Reckoning.
  • زانیان را گند اندام نهان ** خمر خواران را بود گند دهان‏
  • Adulteris (erit) foetor membri latentis; wine-drinkers will have stinking mouths. [Adulturers (will) have stinking private members; wine-drinkers will have stinking mouths.]
  • گند مخفی کان به دلها می‏رسید ** گشت اندر حشر محسوس و پدید 1415
  • The hidden stench that was reaching (only) to (people's) hearts will become sensible and manifest at the Resurrection.
  • بیشه‏ای آمد وجود آدمی ** بر حذر شو زین وجود ار ز آن دمی‏
  • The being of Man is a jungle: be on your guard against this being, if you are of that (Divine) Breath.