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  • گفت لاحول ای پدر لاحول کن ** با رسول اهل کمتر گو سخن‏ 215
  • “Good gracious!” cried he, “implore God's grace, O father and say little (give few instructions) to a messenger who knows his business.”
  • گفت بستان شانه پشت خر بخار ** گفت لاحول ای پدر شرمی بدار
  • The Súfí said, “Take the comb and curry the ass's back.” “Good gracious! do have some shame, O father,” said he.
  • خادم این گفت و میان را بست چست ** گفت رفتم کاه و جو آرم نخست‏
  • The servant said this and briskly girded up his loins. “I go,” said he; “first I will fetch the straw and barley.”
  • رفت و از آخر نکرد او هیچ یاد ** خواب خرگوشی بدان صوفی بداد
  • Off he went and never thought of the stable at all: he gave that Súfí (a pretence like) the sleep of the hare.
  • رفت خادم جانب اوباش چند ** کرد بر اندرز صوفی ریش‏خند
  • The servant went off to (join) some rascals and made a mockery of the Súfí's admonition.
  • صوفی از ره مانده بود و شد دراز ** خوابها می‏دید با چشم فراز 220
  • The Súfí was fatigued by his journey and stretched his limbs (lay down to sleep): with his eyes closed he was dreaming
  • کان خرش در چنگ گرگی مانده بود ** پاره‏ها از پشت و رانش می‏ربود
  • That his ass was left (helpless) in the clutch of a wolf, (which) was tearing pieces (of flesh) from its back and thighs.
  • گفت لاحول این چه مالیخولیاست ** ای عجب آن خادم مشفق کجاست‏
  • “Good gracious!” he exclaimed, “what melancholy (madness) is this? Oh, where is that kindly servant?”
  • باز می‏دید آن خرش در راه رو ** گه به چاهی می‏فتاد و گه به گو
  • Again he would see his ass going along the road and falling now into a well and now into a ditch.
  • گونه‏گون می‏دید ناخوش واقعه ** فاتحه می‏خواند او و القارعه‏
  • He was dreaming various unpleasant dreams; he was reciting the Fátiha and the Qári‘a.