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  • خر جهنده گشت از تیزی نیش ** کو زبان تا خر بگوید حال خویش‏
  • The sharpness of the sting set the ass jumping; where is the tongue (has an ass such a tongue) that he may describe his own state (feelings)?
  • گمان بردن کاروانیان که بهیمه ی صوفی رنجور است
  • Kervan halkının Sofinin eşeğini hasta sanmaları
  • چون که صوفی بر نشست و شد روان ** رو در افتادن گرفت او هر زمان‏
  • When the Súfí mounted and got going, he (the ass) began to fall on his face every time,
  • هر زمانش خلق بر می‏داشتند ** جمله رنجورش همی‏پنداشتند 245
  • (And) every time the people (the travellers) lifted him up: they all thought he was ill.
  • آن یکی گوشش همی‏پیچید سخت ** و آن دگر در زیر گامش جست لخت‏
  • One would twist his ears hard, while another sought for the (lacerated) part under his palate,
  • و آن دگر در نعل او می‏جست سنگ ** و آن دگر در چشم او می‏دید زنگ‏
  • And another searched for the stone in his shoe, and another looked at the dirt in his eye.
  • باز می‏گفتند ای شیخ این ز چیست ** دی نمی‏گفتی که شکر این خر قوی است‏
  • Also they were saying,“O Shaykh, what is the cause of this? Were not you saying yesterday, ‘Thanks (to God), this ass is strong’?”
  • گفت آن خر کاو به شب لاحول خورد ** جز بدین شیوه نداند راه کرد
  • He replied, “The ass that ate Lá hawl during the night cannot get along except in this manner.
  • چون که قوت خر به شب لاحول بود ** شب مسبح بود و روز اندر سجود 250
  • Inasmuch as the ass's food by night was Lá hawl, he was glorifying God by night and (is engaged) in prostrating himself by day.”
  • آدمی خوارند اغلب مردمان ** از سلام علیک‏شان کم جو امان‏
  • Most people are man-eaters: put no trust in their saying, “Peace to you.”
  • خانه‏ی دیو است دلهای همه ** کم پذیر از دیو مردم دمدمه‏
  • The hearts of all are the Devil's house: do not accept (listen to) the palaver of devilish men.