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  • ای بلیس خلق سوز فتنه جو ** بر چی‏ام بیدار کردی راست گو
  • O Iblís, you that consume the people and seek to tempt them (to their ruin), on what ground did you awaken me? Tell the truth!”
  • باز تقریر ابلیس تلبیس خود را
  • How Iblís once more exhibited his deceit.
  • گفت هر مردی که باشد بد گمان ** نشنود او راست را با صد نشان‏
  • He said, “No man that thinks evil (is suspicious) would hearken to the truth notwithstanding a hundred signs (that pointed it out).
  • هر درونی که خیال‏اندیش شد ** چون دلیل آری خیالش بیش شد 2715
  • Every mind that has conceived fancies (suspicions)—when you bring forward proof, its fancy is increased.
  • چون سخن دروی رود علت شود ** تیغ غازی دزد را آلت شود
  • When (sound and true) words enter it, they become a disease (they are corrupted and falsified): the holy warrior's sword becomes a tool for the thief.
  • پس جواب او سکوت است و سکون ** هست با ابله سخن گفتن جنون‏
  • Therefore the answer to him is silence and rest: to talk with a fool is madness.
  • تو ز من با حق چه نالی ای سلیم ** تو بنال از شر آن نفس لئیم‏
  • Why do you complain to God of me, O simpleton? Complain of the wickedness of that vile fleshly soul.
  • تو خوری حلوا تو را دنبل شود ** تب بگیرد طبع تو مختل شود
  • You eat halwá (sweetmeat), (then) boils break out in you, fever lays hold of you, your health is disordered.
  • بی‏گنه لعنت کنی ابلیس را ** چون نبینی از خود آن تلبیس را 2720
  • You curse Iblís, guiltless (though he is). How do you not see (that) that deception (proceeds) from yourself?
  • نیست از ابلیس از تست ای غوی ** که چو روبه سوی دنبه می‏دوی‏
  • It is not (the fault) of Iblís, it is (the fault) of yourself, O misguided one, that you are going like a fox towards the sheep's fat tail.
  • چون که در سبزه ببینی دنبه را ** دام باشد این ندانی تو چرا
  • When you see the fat tails in the green field, ’tis a snare. Why are you ignorant of this?