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  • سوی لطف بی‏وفایان هین مرو ** کان پل ویران بود نیکو شنو
  • Beware, do not go (incline) towards the courtesy of the faithless, for it is a ruined bridge: heed well (my warning).
  • گر قدم را جاهلی بر وی زند ** بشکند پل و آن قدم را بشکند
  • If a fool set foot on it, the bridge will break, and will shatter that foot of his.
  • هر کجا لشکر شکسته می‏شود ** او دو سه سست مخنث می‏بود
  • Wherever an army is routed, it is because of two or three effeminate weaklings.
  • در صف آید با سلاح او مردوار ** دل بر او بنهند کاینک یار غار 2845
  • He (the poltroon) comes armed into the battle-line, like a man: they (the soldiers) put their trust in him, saying, “Here's the Comrade of the Cave.”
  • رو بگرداند چو بیند زخمها ** رفتن او بشکند پشت ترا
  • He turns his face (in flight) when he sees wounds: his going breaks your back.
  • این دراز است و فراوان می‏شود ** و آن چه مقصود است پنهان می‏شود
  • This (topic) is long and is expanding, and that which is aimed at is becoming hidden (from sight).
  • فریفتن منافقان پیغامبر را تا به مسجد ضرارش برند
  • How the Hypocrites cajoled the Prophet—God bless and save him!—that they might take him to the Mosque of Opposition.
  • بر رسول حق فسون‏ها خواندند ** رخش دستان و حیل می‏راندند
  • They chanted spells over (spoke deceitful words to) the Messenger of God: they were driving (hard) the steed of cunning and craft.
  • آن رسول مهربان رحم کیش ** جز تبسم جز بلی ناورد پیش‏
  • The kind and compassionate Messenger proffered (in reply) nothing but smiles, nothing but “Yes.”
  • شکرهای آن جماعت یاد کرد ** در اجابت قاصدان را شاد کرد 2850
  • He expressed (his) thanks to that company (deputation): he gladdened the envoys in (by) assent.
  • می‏نمود آن مکر ایشان پیش او ** یک به یک ز آن سان که اندر شیر مو
  • Their deceit was apparent to him, point by point, in the same way as hairs in milk.