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  • عقل احمد از کسی پنهان نشد ** روح وحیش مدرک هر جان نشد
  • The intellect of Ahmad (Mohammed) was not hidden from any one; (but) his spirit of (prophetic) inspiration was not apprehended by every soul.
  • روح وحیی را مناسبهاست نیز ** در نیابد عقل کان آمد عزیز 3260
  • The spirit of prophecy also has actions conformable (to reason), (but) the intellect does not apprehend (them), for that (spirit) is exalted (above intellectual apprehension).
  • گه جنون بیند گهی حیران شود ** ز انکه موقوف است تا او آن شود
  • Sometimes he (the man of intellect) regards (the actions of one endowed with the spirit) as madness, sometimes he is bewildered, since it (all) depends on his becoming that (other one);
  • چون مناسبهای افعال خضر ** عقل موسی بود در دیدش کدر
  • As (for example) the intellect of Moses was troubled by seeing the reasonable actions of Khadir.
  • نامناسب می‏نمود افعال او ** پیش موسی چون نبودش حال او
  • His actions seemed unreasonable to Moses, since he (Moses) had not his (Khadir's) state (of Divine inspiration).
  • عقل موسی چون شود در غیب بند ** عقل موشی خود کی است ای ارجمند
  • Inasmuch as the intellect of Moses becomes tied up (perplexed and helpless) in (the matter of) the mysterious (inspiration), who (what) is the intellect of a (mere) mouse, O excellent (reader)?
  • علم تقلیدی بود بهر فروخت ** چون بیابد مشتری خوش بر فروخت‏ 3265
  • Conventional knowledge is (only) for sale (self-advertisement): when it finds a purchaser, it glows with delight.
  • مشتری علم تحقیقی حق است ** دایما بازار او با رونق است‏
  • The purchaser of real knowledge is God: its market is always splendid.
  • لب ببسته مست در بیع و شری ** مشتری بی‏حد که الله اشتری‏
  • He (the owner of real knowledge) has closed his lips (and is) enraptured in (his) trading: the purchasers are without end, for God hath purchased.
  • درس آدم را فرشته مشتری ** محرم درسش نه دیو است و پری‏
  • The angels purchase Adam's teaching; the devils and Jinn are not privileged to receive it.