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  • ور سوم باره نویسی بر سرش ** پس سیه کردی چو جان کافرش‏ 3385
  • And if you write a third time on the top of it, then you make it black as a soul full of wickedness.
  • پس چه چاره جز پناه چاره‏گر ** ناامیدی مس و اکسیرش نظر
  • What help is there, then, but (to take) refuge with (God) the Helper? Despair is copper, and the elixir for it is (God's) regard.
  • ناامیدیها به پیش او نهید ** تا ز درد بی‏دوا بیرون جهید
  • Lay your despairs before Him, that ye may escape from irremediable pain.
  • چون شعیب این نکته‏ها با او بگفت ** ز آن دم جان در دل او گل شکفت‏
  • When Shu‘ayb had told him these deep sayings, at that breath of the spirit roses blossomed in his heart.
  • جان او بشنید وحی آسمان ** گفت اگر بگرفت ما را کو نشان‏
  • His soul hearkened to the inspiration from Heaven; he said, (however), “If He hath punished me, where is the sign?”
  • گفت یا رب دفع من می‏گوید او ** آن گرفتن را نشان می‏جوید او 3390
  • He (Shu‘ayb) cried, “O Lord, he rebuts me, he seeks the sign of that punishment.”
  • گفت ستارم نگویم رازهاش ** جز یکی رمز از برای ابتلاش‏
  • He (God) said, “I am the Coverer (of sins): I will not tell his secrets, (I will give) but one indication for the sake of trying him.
  • یک نشان آن که می‏گیرم و را ** آن که طاعت دارد از صوم و دعا
  • One sign of My punishing him is this, that he has (to his credit) pious acts of fasting and orison
  • و ز نماز و از زکات و غیر آن ** لیک یک ذره ندارد ذوق جان‏
  • And ritual prayer and almsgiving et cetera, but he has not one atom of spiritual savour.
  • می‏کند طاعات و افعال سنی ** لیک یک ذره ندارد چاشنی‏
  • He performs high acts and deeds of devotion, but he has not one atom of (spiritual) relish.