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  • ور کنی با او مری و همسری ** کافرم دان گر تو ز ایشان سر بری‏ 3435
  • And if you contend and engage in rivalry with him (the saint), deem me an infidel if you save your head from them.
  • کشیدن موش مهار شتر را و متعجب شدن موش در خود
  • How the mouse pulled (the rope attached to) the camel's nose-ring and became self conceited.
  • موشکی در کف مهار اشتری ** در ربود و شد روان او از مری‏
  • A little mouse caught in his forelegs a camel's leading-rope and from emulation went off (with it).
  • اشتر از چستی که با او شد روان ** موش غره شد که هستم پهلوان‏
  • By reason of the readiness with which the camel set out along with him, the mouse was duped into thinking himself a hero.
  • بر شتر زد پرتو اندیشه‏اش ** گفت بنمایم ترا تو باش خوش‏
  • The ray of his thought struck the camel. He (the camel) said (aside), “I will show thee (presently)! Enjoy thyself!”
  • تا بیامد بر لب جوی بزرگ ** کاندر او گشتی زبون پیل سترگ‏
  • (All went well) till he (the mouse) came to the bank of a great river, at which any lion or wolf would have lost heart.
  • موش آن جا ایستاد و خشک گشت ** گفت اشتر ای رفیق کوه و دشت‏ 3440
  • There the mouse stopped and became paralysed. The camel said, “O my companion o’er hill and plain,
  • این توقف چیست حیرانی چرا ** پا بنه مردانه اندر جو در آ
  • What is this standing still (for)? Why art thou dismayed? Step (forward) like a man! Go into the river!
  • تو قلاووزی و پیش آهنگ من ** در میان ره مباش و تن مزن‏
  • Thou art my guide and leader: don't halt midway and be dumbfounded!”
  • گفت این آب شگرف است و عمیق ** من همی‏ترسم ز غرقاب ای رفیق‏
  • He (the mouse) said, “This is a huge and deep river: I am afraid of being drowned, O comrade.”
  • گفت اشتر تا ببینم حد آب ** پا در او بنهاد آن اشتر شتاب‏
  • Said the camel, “Let me see the limit (depth) of the water,” and he quickly set foot in it.