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  • آن غریب از ذوق آواز غریب ** از زبان حق شنود انی قریب‏
  • That stranger (the soul), by immediate perception of the strange (wondrous) voice, has heard from God's tongue (the words), “Verily I am near.”
  • سجده کردن یحیی علیه السلام در شکم مادر مسیح را علیه السلام
  • How Yahyá, on whom be peace, in his mother's womb bowed in worship to the Messiah (Jesus), on whom be peace.
  • مادر یحیی به مریم در نهفت ** پیشتر از وضع حمل خویش گفت‏
  • The mother of Yahyá, before disburdening herself (of him), said in secret to Mary,
  • که یقین دیدم درون تو شهی است ** کاو اولو العزم و رسول آگهی است‏
  • “I see (it) with certainty, within thee is a King who is possessed of firm purpose and is an Apostle endowed with knowledge (of God).
  • چون برابر اوفتادم با تو من ** کرد سجده حمل من اندر زمن‏
  • When I happened to meet thee, my burden (the unborn child) bowed in worship, O intelligent one.
  • این جنین مر آن جنین را سجده کرد ** کز سجودش در تنم افتاد درد 3605
  • This embryo bowed in worship to that embryo, so that pain arose in my body from its bowing.”
  • گفت مریم من درون خویش هم ** سجده‏ای دیدم از این طفل شکم‏
  • Mary said, “I also felt within me a bowing performed by this babe in the womb.”
  • اشکال آوردن بر این قصه‏
  • On raising a difficulty as to this story.
  • ابلهان گویند کاین افسانه را ** خط بکش زیرا دروغ است و خطا
  • The foolish say, “Cancel this tale, because it is false and erroneous.
  • ز انکه مریم وقت وضع حمل خویش ** بود از بیگانه دور و هم ز خویش‏
  • Because Mary at the time of her delivery was far away both from strangers and kinfolk.
  • از برون شهر آن شیرین فسون ** تا نشد فارغ نیامد خود درون‏
  • Until that woman of sweet address was delivered outside of the town, she indeed came not into it.
  • چون بزادش آن گهانش بر کنار ** بر گرفت و برد تا پیش تبار 3610
  • When she had given birth to him, she then took him up in her lap and carried him to her kinsfolk.