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  • هر نبیی گفت با قوم از صفا ** من نخواهم مزد پیغام از شما
  • Every prophet has said in sincerity to his people, “I ask not from you the wages for my message.
  • من دلیلم حق شما را مشتری ** داد حق دلالیم هر دو سری‏ 575
  • I am (only) a guide; God is your purchaser: God has appointed me to act as broker on both sides.
  • چیست مزد کار من دیدار یار ** گر چه خود بو بکر بخشد چل هزار
  • What are the wages for my work? The sight of the Friend (God), even though Abú Bakr give me forty thousand (dirhems).
  • چل هزار او نباشد مزد من ** کی بود شبه شبه در عدن‏
  • My wages are not his forty thousand (dirhems): how should glass beads be like the pearls of Aden?”
  • یک حکایت گویمت بشنو به هوش ** تا بدانی که طمع شد بند گوش‏
  • I will tell you a story: listen to it attentively, that you may know that selfish desire is a plug in the ear.
  • هر که را باشد طمع الکن شود ** با طمع کی چشم و دل روشن شود
  • Whosoever hath (such) desire becomes a stammerer (morally confused); with desire (present), how should the (spiritual) eye and the heart become bright?
  • پیش چشم او خیال جاه و زر ** همچنان باشد که موی اندر بصر 580
  • The fancy of power and wealth before his eye is just as a hair in the eye,
  • جز مگر مستی که از حق پر بود ** گر چه بدهی گنجها او حر بود
  • Except, to be sure, (in the case of) the intoxicated (saint) who is filled with God: though you give (him) treasures (vast riches), he is free;
  • هر که از دیدار برخوردار شد ** این جهان در چشم او مردار شد
  • (For) when any one enjoys vision (of God), this world becomes carrion in his eyes.
  • لیک آن صوفی ز مستی دور بود ** لاجرم در حرص او شب کور بود
  • But that Súfí was far removed from (spiritual) intoxication; consequently he was night-blind (purblind) in (his) greed.