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  • تا بود کز دیده‏گان هفت رنگ ** دیده‏ای پیدا کند صبر و درنگ‏
  • That, perchance, from the eyes which see the seven colours patience and waiting may produce a (spiritual) eye,
  • رنگها بینی بجز این رنگها ** گوهران بینی به جای سنگها
  • (With which) you may behold colours other than these, and may behold pearls instead of stones.
  • گوهر چه بلکه دریایی شوی ** آفتاب چرخ پیمایی شوی‏
  • What pearl? Nay, you will become an ocean, you will become a sun traversing the sky.
  • کار کن در کارگه باشد نهان ** تو برو در کارگه بینش عیان‏
  • The Worker is hidden in the workshop: go you and in the workshop see Him plain.
  • کار چون بر کار کن پرده تنید ** خارج آن کار نتوانیش دید 760
  • Inasmuch as the work has woven a veil over the Worker, you cannot see Him outside of that work.
  • کارگه چون جای باش عامل است ** آن که بیرون است از وی غافل است‏
  • Since the workshop is the dwelling-place of the Worker, he that is outside is unaware of Him.
  • پس در آ در کارگه یعنی عدم ** تا ببینی صنع و صانع را بهم‏
  • Come, then, into the workshop, that is to say, non-existence, that you may see the work and the Worker together.
  • کارگه چون جای روشن دیده‏گی است ** پس برون کارگه پوشیدگی است‏
  • As the workshop is the place of clairvoyance, then outside of the workshop there is (only) blindfold ness.
  • رو به هستی داشت فرعون عنود ** لاجرم از کارگاهش کور بود
  • The rebellious Pharaoh kept his face towards existence, consequently he was blind to His (God's) workshop.
  • لاجرم می‏خواست تبدیل قدر ** تا قضا را باز گرداند ز در 765
  • Consequently he was wishing to alter the (Divine) predestination, that he might turn back the (Divine) destiny from his door.