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  • تا علاج آن دهان تو کنیم ** تو حبیب و ما طبیب پر فنیم‏ 870
  • That we may treat (and cure) that mouth of yours: you are (now) the beloved (patient), and we are the skilful physician.
  • بهر کیکی نو گلیمی سوختن ** نیست لایق از تو دیده دوختن‏
  • ’Tis not fitting to burn a new blanket on account of one flea; (nor would it become me) to shut my eyes to (turn my back on) you (because of superficial faults).
  • با همه بنشین دو سه دستان بگو ** تا ببینم صورت عقلت نکو
  • Notwithstanding all (this), sit down and talk on a few topics, that I may well see the form of your mind.”
  • آن ذکی را پس فرستاد او به کار ** سوی حمامی که رو خود را بخار
  • Then he sent that keen-witted one away to do (his behest): (he sent him) to a bathhouse, saying, “Go, scrub yourself.”
  • وین دگر را گفت خه تو زیرکی ** صد غلامی در حقیقت نه یکی‏
  • And to this other one he said, “Good! you are a clever lad: in truth you are a hundred slaves, not one.
  • آن نه‏ای که خواجه‏تاش تو نمود ** از تو ما را سرد می‏کرد آن حسود 875
  • You are not such as your fellow-servant declared: that envious one would (fain) have made me cold to (disgusted with) you,
  • گفت او دزد و کژ است و کژنشین ** حیز و نامرد و چنان است و چنین‏
  • (For) he said that you are thievish and dishonest and ill-behaved, immoral and infamous and so forth.”
  • گفت پیوسته بده ست او راست گو ** راست گویی من ندیده ستم چو او
  • The slave said, “He (my fellow-servant) has always been veracious; I have not seen any one so truthful as he is.
  • راست گویی در نهادش خلقتی است ** هر چه گوید من نگویم تهمتی است‏
  • Veracity is inborn in his nature; whatever he says, I do not say it is void (of truth).
  • کژ ندانم آن نکو اندیش را ** متهم دارم وجود خویش را
  • I deem not that good-minded one malicious: I (rather) suspect my own person.