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  • نقل هر چیزی بود هم لایقش ** لایق گله بود هم سایقش‏
  • The carrying over of everything is just as befits it: what befits the herd is its drover.
  • وقت محشر هر عرض را صورتی است ** صورت هر یک عرض را نوبتی است‏
  • At the time of the Resurrection every accident has a (particular) form, and the form of every accident has a turn (of appearing before God).
  • بنگر اندر خود نه تو بودی عرض ** جنبش جفتی و جفتی با غرض‏
  • Look on thyself. Wert not thou an accident—the movement of copulation, and copulation with a purpose?
  • بنگر اندر خانه و کاشانه‏ها ** در مهندس بود چون افسانه‏ها 965
  • Look on houses and edifices: they were as tales in the (mind of) the architect.
  • آن فلان خانه که ما دیدیم خوش ** بود موزون صفه و سقف و درش‏
  • Such-and-such a house, which seemed to us beautiful, of which the hall, roof, and door were well-proportioned—
  • از مهندس آن عرض و اندیشه‏ها ** آلت آورد و ستون از بیشه‏ها
  • (’Twas) the accident (design) and ideas (proceeding) from the architect (that) brought the tools (into existence) and the pillars (which come) from the forests.
  • چیست اصل و مایه‏ی هر پیشه‏ای ** جز خیال و جز عرض و اندیشه‏ای‏
  • What but some fancy and accident and idea is the origin and source of every handicraft?
  • جمله اجزای جهان را بی‏غرض ** درنگر حاصل نشد جز از عرض‏
  • Look disinterestedly on all the (various) parts of the world: they are not the result of (anything) except accident.
  • اول فکر آخر آمد در عمل ** بنیت عالم چنان دان در ازل‏ 970
  • The beginning, which is thought, comes to an end in action; know that in such wise was the construction of the world in eternity.
  • میوه‏ها در فکر دل اول بود ** در عمل ظاهر به آخر می‏شود
  • The fruits are first in the mind's thought, (but only) at the last do they become manifest actually: