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  • اختلاف عقلها در اصل بود ** بر وفاق سنیان باید شنود
  • You must hear (and believe) in accordance with the Sunnís (that) the difference in (people's) intellects was original,
  • بر خلاف قول اهل اعتزال ** که عقول از اصل دارند اعتدال 1540
  • In contradiction to the doctrine of the Mu‘tazilites, who hold that (all) intellects were originally equal,
  • تجربه و تعلیم بیش و کم کند ** تا یکی را از یکی اعلم کند
  • (And who maintain that) experience and teaching makes them more or less, so that it makes one person more knowing than another.
  • باطلست این زانک رای کودکی ** که ندارد تجربه در مسلکی
  • This is false, because the counsel of a boy who has not experience in any course of action—
  • بر دمید اندیشه‌ای زان طفل خرد ** پیر با صد تجربه بویی نبرد
  • From that small child sprang up a thought (which) the old man with a hundred experiences did not smell out (detect and apprehend) at all.
  • خود فزون آن به که آن از فطرتست ** تا ز افزونی که جهد و فکرتست
  • Truly, the superiority that is from (any one's) nature is even better than the superiority that is (the result of) endeavour and reflection.
  • تو بگو داده‌ی خدا بهتر بود ** یاکه لنگی راهوارانه رود 1545
  • Tell (me), is the gift of God better, or (is it better) that a lame person should (learn to) walk smoothly (without stumbling)?
  • در وهم افکندن کودکان اوستاد را
  • How the boys made the teacher imagine (that he was ill).
  • روز گشت و آمدند آن کودکان ** بر همین فکرت ز خانه تا دکان
  • Day broke, and those boys, (intent) on this thought, came from their homes to the shop (school).
  • جمله استادند بیرون منتظر ** تا درآید اول آن یار مصر
  • They all stood outside, waiting for that resolute fellow to go in first,
  • زانک منبع او بدست این رای را ** سر امام آید همیشه پای را
  • Because he was the source of this plan: the head is always an Imám (leader and guide) to the foot.