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  • هم درآن دم گوشمال حق رسید ** چشم او بگشاد و گوش او کشید
  • At the same instant God’s chastisement arrived: it opened his eye and pulled his ear.
  • متهم کردن آن شیخ را با دزدان وبریدن دستش را
  • How the Shaykh was suspected of being in company with thieves and had his hand cut off.
  • بیست از دزدان بدند آنجا و بیش ** بخش می‌کردند مسروقات خویش
  • In that place there were twenty thieves and more, dividing the things they had stolen.
  • شحنه را غماز آگه کرده بود ** مردم شحنه بر افتادند زود
  • The perfect had been apprised by an informer: the prefect’s men quickly fell upon them.
  • هم بدان‌جا پای چپ و دست راست ** جمله را ببرید و غوغایی بخاست 1680
  • He (the officer in charge) cut off on the spot the left feet and right hands of them all, and a great hubbub arose.
  • دست زاهد هم بریده شد غلط ** پاش را می‌خواست هم کردن سقط
  • The ascetic’s hand too was cut off by mistake; he (the officer) was about to make his foot also fall (to the ground),
  • در زمان آمد سواری بس گزین ** بانگ بر زد بر عوان کای سگ ببین
  • (When), just in time, a very elect cavalier came up and shouted at the officer, “Look out, O dog!
  • این فلان شیخست از ابدال خدا ** دست او را تو چرا کردی جدا
  • This is such-and-such a Shaykh, (one) of the Abdál (exalted saints) of God: why have you severed his hand?”
  • آن عوان بدرید جامه تیز رفت ** پیش شحنه داد آگاهیش تفت
  • The officer rent his garment and went speedily to the prefect and gave him the information at once.
  • شحنه آمد پا برهنه عذرخواه ** که ندانستم خدا بر من گواه 1685
  • The prefect came bare-footed, begging pardon. “I did not know,” he said; “God will bear me witness.
  • هین بحل کن مر مرا زین کار زشت ** ای کریم و سرور اهل بهشت
  • Pray now absolve me from this foul deed, O generous man and chief of the (destined) inhabitants of Paradise!”