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  • پس چرا لابه کند او یا دعا ** که بگردان ای خداوند این قضا
  • Then why should he make entreaty and cry in prayer, “O God, avert this destiny”?
  • مرگ او و مرگ فرزندان او ** بهر حق پیشش چو حلوا در گلو
  • For God's sake his (own) death and the death of his children is to him like sweetmeat in the gullet.
  • نزع فرزندان بر آن باوفا ** چون قطایف پیش شیخ بی‌نوا
  • To that loyal one the death-agony of his children is like honey-cakes to a destitute old man.
  • پس چراگوید دعا الا مگر ** در دعا بیند رضای دادگر
  • Why, then, should he invoke (God), unless perchance he see the pleasure of the (Divine) Judge in (such) invocation?
  • آن شفاعت و آن دعا نه از رحم خود ** می‌کند آن بنده‌ی صاحب رشد 1920
  • That righteous servant does not make that intercession and invocation from his own mercifulness.
  • رحم خود را او همان دم سوختست ** که چراغ عشق حق افروختست
  • He has burned up (consumed away) his own mercifulness at the moment when he has lighted the lamp of love of God.
  • دوزخ اوصاف او عشقست و او ** سوخت مر اوصاف خود را مو بمو
  • Love is the Hell-fire of his attributes, and it has burnt up the attributes of self, hair by hair.
  • هر طروقی این فروقی کی شناخت ** جز دقوقی تا درین دولت بتاخت
  • When did any night-traveller understand this distinction except Daqúqí? (He understood it), so that he sped into this (spiritual) empire.
  • قصه‌ی دقوقی رحمة الله علیه و کراماتش
  • The story of Daqúqí and his miraculous gifts.
  • آن دقوقی داشت خوش دیباجه‌ای ** عاشق و صاحب کرامت خواجه‌ای
  • That Daqúqí had a fair front; he was a (spiritual) lord who loved (God) and possessed miraculous gifts.
  • در زمین می‌شد چو مه بر آسمان ** شب‌روان راگشته زو روشن روان 1925
  • He walked on earth as the moon in heaven: by him the spirits of the night-travellers became illumined.