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  • آن تو با تست و تو واقف برین ** آسمانا چند پیمایی زمین
  • (He that is) thine is with thee, and thou art conscious of this. O (thou who art exalted as the) sky, how long wilt thou traverse the (low) earth?”
  • گفت موسی این ملامت کم کنید ** آفتاب و ماه را کم ره زنید
  • Moses said, “Do not make this reproach (against me), do not waylay the Sun and the Moon.
  • می‌روم تا مجمع البحرین من ** تا شوم مصحوب سلطان زمن
  • I will fare as far as the meeting-place of the two seas, that (afterwards) I may be accompanied by the Sovereign of the time.
  • اجعل الخضر لامری سببا ** ذاک او امضی و اسری حقبا
  • I will make Khizr a means to (the achievement of) my purpose: (either) that, or I will go onward and journey by night a long while.
  • سالها پرم بپر و بالها ** سالها چه بود هزاران سالها 1970
  • I will fly with wings and pinions for years: what are years? For thousands of years.”
  • می‌روم یعنی نمی‌ارزد بدان ** عشق جانان کم مدان از عشق نان
  • (He said) “I will fare,” meaning, “Is it not worth that (toilsome journey)? Do not deem the passion for the Beloved to be less than the passion for bread (worldly goods).”
  • این سخن پایان ندارد ای عمو ** داستان آن دقوقی را بگو
  • This discourse hath no end, O uncle. (Now) tell the story of Daqúqí.
  • بازگشتن به قصه‌ی دقوقی
  • Resuming the story of Daqúqí.
  • آن دقوقی رحمة الله علیه ** گفت سافرت مدی فی خافقیه
  • That Daqúqí, God have mercy on him, said: “I travelled a long time between His two horizons.
  • سال و مه رفتم سفر از عشق ماه ** بی‌خبر از راه حیران در اله
  • Years and months I went on my journey for love of the Moon, unconscious of the way, lost in God.”
  • پا برهنه می‌روی بر خار و سنگ ** گفت من حیرانم و بی خویش و دنگ 1975
  • (Some one asked him), “(Why) dost thou go bare-foot over thorns and stones?” He said, “I am bewildered and beside myself and crazed.”