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  • سنگ می‌ندهد به استغفار در ** این بود انصاف نفس ای جان حر
  • He (God) does not give (worthless) stones in return for the pearls of contrition (nay), this, O noble spirit, is the justice of the fleshly soul.
  • برون رفتن به سوی آن درخت
  • How the people went forth to that tree.
  • چون برون رفتند سوی آن درخت ** گفت دستش را سپس بندید سخت
  • When they went forth to that tree, he (David) said, “Tie his hands fast behind him,
  • تا گناه و جرم او پیدا کنم ** تا لوای عدل بر صحرا زنم
  • In order that I may bring to light his sin and crime, and may plant the banner of justice on the field.
  • گفت ای سگ جد او را کشته‌ای ** تو غلامی خواجه زین رو گشته‌ای
  • O dog,” said he, “you have killed his grandfather. You are a slave: by this means you have become a lord.
  • خواجه را کشتی و بردی مال او ** کرد یزدان آشکارا حال او 2475
  • You killed your master and carried off his property: God bath made manifest what happened to him.
  • آن زنت او را کنیزک بوده است ** با همین خواجه جفا بنموده است
  • Your wife was his handmaid; she has acted unjustly towards this same master.
  • هر چه زو زایید ماده یا که نر ** ملک وارث باشد آنها سر بسر
  • Whatever (children) she bore to him, female or male—all of them from beginning to end are the property of the (master’s) heir.
  • تو غلامی کسب و کارت ملک اوست ** شرع جستی شرع بستان رو نکوست
  • You are a slave: your gains and goods are his property. You demanded the Law: take the Law and go: ‘tis well.
  • خواجه را کشتی باستم زار زار ** هم برینجا خواجه گویان زینهار
  • You killed your master miserably by violence, (whilst) your master was crying for mercy on this very spot.
  • کارد از اشتاب کردی زیر خاک ** از خیالی که بدیدی سهمناک 2480
  • In your haste you hid the knife under the soil, because of the terrible apparition which you beheld.