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  • تو به سه سنگ و فلاخن آمدی ** صد هزاران مرد را بر هم زدی
  • Thou camest with three pebbles and a sling and didst rout a hundred thousand men:
  • سنگهایت صدهزاران پاره شد ** هر یکی هر خصم را خون‌خواره شد
  • Thy pebbles broke into a hundred thousand pieces, and each one drank the blood of an enemy.
  • آهن اندر دست تو چون موم شد ** چون زره‌سازی ترا معلوم شد
  • Iron became as wax in thy hand when the (craft of) fashioning coats of mail was made known to thee.
  • کوهها با تو رسایل شد شکور ** با تو می‌خوانند چون مقری زبور
  • The mountains became thy thankful. accompanists: they chant the psalms with thee, as one who teaches the recitation of theQur’an.
  • صد هزاران چشم دل بگشاده شد ** از دم تو غیب را آماده شد 2500
  • Hundreds of thousands of spiritual eyes were opened and through thy breath were made ready for (contemplation of) the Unseen;
  • و آن قوی‌تر زان همه کین دایمست ** زندگی بخشی که سرمد قایمست
  • And that (miracle) is stronger than all those (others), for this one is lasting: thou bestowest the life that is enduring for ever.’!
  • جان جمله‌ی معجزات اینست خود ** کو ببخشد مرده را جان ابد
  • This indeed is the soul of all miracles, that it (the miracle) should bestow everlasting life on the (spiritually) dead.
  • کشته شد ظالم جهانی زنده شد ** هر یکی از نو خدا را بنده شد
  • The wicked man was killed and a whole world (of people) were quickened with life: every one became anew a (devoted) servant to God.
  • بیان آنک نفس آدمی بجای آن خونیست کی مدعی گاو گشته بود و آن گاو کشنده عقلست و داود حقست یا شیخ کی نایب حق است کی بقوت و یاری او تواند ظالم را کشتن و توانگر شدن به روزی بی‌کسب و بی‌حساب
  • Explaining that Man’s fleshly soul is in the position of the murderer who had become a claimant on account of the cow, and that the slayer of the cow is the intellect, and that David is God or the Shaykh who is God’s vicar, by means, of whose strength and support it is possible to kill the wicked (murderer) and be enriched with (spiritual) daily bread that is not earned by labour and for which, there is no reckoning.
  • نفس خود را کش جهانی را زنده کن ** خواجه را کشتست او را بنده کن
  • Kill your fleshly soul and make the world (spiritually) alive; it (your fleshly soul) has killed its master: make it (your) slave.
  • مدعی گاو نفس تست هین ** خویشتن را خواجه کردست و مهین 2505
  • Hark! your fleshly soul is (as) the claimant (of compensation) for the cow: it has made itself a master and thief.