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  • هین صلا بیماری ناسور را ** داروی ما یک بیک رنجور را
  • Hark, come hither for the incurable disease! We, one by one, are a medicine for the (spiritually) sick.”
  • معجزه خواستن قوم از پیغامبران
  • How the people (of Sabá) demanded miracles from the prophets.
  • قوم گفتند ای گروه مدعی ** کو گواه علم طب و نافعی 2710
  • The people said, “O ye company of impostors, where is the evidence of (your) knowledge of medicine and (your) usefulness?
  • چون شما بسته همین خواب و خورید ** همچو ما باشید در ده می‌چرید
  • Since ye are in bondage, like us, to this same sleep and food (and) are pasturing in the country—
  • چون شما در دام این آب و گلید ** کی شما صیاد سیمرغ دلید
  • Since ye are entrapped by this water and earth, how are ye hunters of the Símurgh (which is) the heart?
  • حب جاه و سروری دارد بر آن ** که شمارد خویش از پیغامبران
  • Love of power and dominion induces (a man) to reckon himself amongst the prophets.
  • ما نخواهیم این چنین لاف و دروغ ** کردن اندر گوش و افتادن بدوغ
  • We will not put in our ears such vain boasts and lies and (thereby) fall into deception.”
  • انبیا گفتند کین زان علتست ** مایه‌ی کوری حجاب ریتست 2715
  • The prophets said, “This (disbelief) arises from that malady: the original blindness (of your hearts) is the screen (which hinders you) from seeing (the truth).
  • دعوی ما را شنیدیت و شما ** می‌نبینید این گهر در دست ما
  • Ye have heard our call, and (yet) ye do not see this jewel in our hands.
  • امتحانست این گهر مر خلق را ** ماش گردانیم گرد چشمها
  • This jewel is a test for the people: we turn it about round (their) eyes.
  • هر که گوید کو گوا گفتش گواست ** کو نمی‌بیند گهر حبس عماست
  • Whosoever says, ‘Where is the evidence?’ his words are an evidence that he does not see the jewel and is in thrall to blindness.”