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  • صدقوا رسلا کراما یا سبا ** صدقوا روحا سباها من سبا
  • Believe noble Messengers, O Sabá! Believe a spirit made captive by Him who captured it.
  • صدقوهم هم شموس طالعه ** یومنوکم من مخازی القارعه 2835
  • Believe them—they are rising suns—and they will preserve thee from the ignominies of al-Qári‘a.
  • صدقوهم هم بدور زاهره ** قبل ان یلقوکم بالساهره
  • Believe them—they are shining full-moons—ere they confront thee with al- Sáhira.
  • صدقوهم هم مصابیح الدجی ** اکرموهم هم مفاتیح الرجا
  • Believe them—they are the lamps of darkness; honour them— they are the keys of hope.
  • صدقوا من لیس یرجو خیرکم ** لا تضلوا لا تصدوا غیرکم
  • Believe those who hope not for your bounty; do not go astray, do not turn others away (from the Truth).
  • پارسی گوییم هین تازی بهل ** هندوی آن ترک باش ای آب و گل
  • Let us speak Persian: come, abandon Arabic. Be the Hindú (slave) of that Turcoman (the Divine Beloved), O (man of) water and clay.
  • هین گواهیهای شاهان بشنوید ** بگرویدند آسمانها بگروید 2840
  • Hark, listen to the testimonies of the (spiritual) kings; the heavens have believed (them): believe ye!
  • معنی حزم و مثال مرد حازم
  • The meaning of prudence, and a parable of the prudent man.
  • یا به حال اولینان بنگرید ** یا سوی آخر بحزمی در پرید
  • Either consider what happened to the former (peoples), or fly with a (great) prudence towards the latter end.
  • حزم چه بود در دو تدبیر احتیاط ** از دو آن گیری که دورست از خباط
  • What is prudence? Precaution in (the case of) two (alternative) plans: of the two you will take that one which is far from craziness.
  • آن یکی گوید درین ره هفت روز ** نیست آب و هست ریگ پای‌سوز
  • One person may say, “On this road there is no water for seven days, and there is foot-scorching sand.”