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  • راههای صعب پایان برده‌ایم ** ره بر اهل خویش آسان کرده‌ایم
  • We have brought the hard ways to an end; we have made the way easy for our own people.”
  • مکرر کردن قوم اعتراض ترجیه بر انبیا علیهم‌السلام
  • How the people (of Sabá) repeated their resistance to the (prophets') hope (of converting them and set themselves) against the prophets, on whom be peace.
  • قوم گفتند از شما سعد خودیت ** نحس مایید و ضدیت و مرتدیت
  • The people (of Sabá) said, “If ye bring good luck to yourselves, ye are ill-starred for us and are opposed (to us) and rejected (by us).
  • جان ما فارغ بد از اندیشه‌ها ** در غم افکندید ما را و عنا
  • Our souls were free from cares: ye have cast us into grief and trouble.
  • ذوق جمعیت که بود و اتفاق ** شد ز فال زشتتان صد افتراق 2950
  • Through your evil presage the delightful concord and agreement that existed (amongst us) has been turned into a hundred separations.
  • طوطی نقل شکر بودیم ما ** مرغ مرگ‌اندیش گشتیم از شما
  • (Formerly) we were parrots eating sugar for dessert; (now) through you we have become birds that meditate on death.
  • هر کجا افسانه‌ی غم‌گستریست ** هر کجا آوازه‌ی مستنکریست
  • Wheresoever is a grief-spreading tale, wheresoever is an odious rumour,
  • هر کجا اندر جهان فال بذست ** هر کجا مسخی نکالی ماخذست
  • Wheresoever in the world is an evil presage, wheresoever is a monstrous transformation, a terrible punishment, an infliction of chastisement—
  • در مثال قصه و فال شماست ** در غم‌انگیزی شما را مشتهاست
  • (All those things) are (contained) in the parable of your story and in your evil presage: ye have an appetite for rousing grief.”
  • باز جواب انبیا علیهم السلام
  • How the prophets, on whom be peace, answered them once more.
  • انبیا گفتند فال زشت و بد ** از میان جانتان دارد مدد 2955
  • The prophets said, “The foul and evil presage has its support from within your souls.
  • گر تو جایی خفته باشی با خطر ** اژدها در قصد تو از سوی سر
  • If you are asleep in a perilous place, and a dragon is approaching you from a spot close at hand,