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  • بعد از آن گفتند با آن خادمه ** تو نگویی حال خود با این همه
  • Afterwards they said to the maid-servant, “Wilt not thou tell (us) thine own feelings about all this?
  • چون فکندی زود آن از گفت وی ** گیرم او بردست در اسرار پی
  • Why didst thou (so) quickly cast it (into the oven) at his behest? I suppose he was acquainted with the secrets,
  • این‌چنین دستارخوان قیمتی ** چون فکندی اندر آتش ای ستی
  • (But) why didst thou, mistress, throw such a precious napkin into the fire?”
  • گفت دارم بر کریمان اعتماد ** نیستم ز اکرام ایشان ناامید
  • She answered, “I have confidence in the generous: I do not despair of their bounty.
  • میزری چه بود اگر او گویدم ** در رو اندر عین آتش بی ندم 3125
  • What of a piece of cloth? If he bid me (myself) go without regret into the very essence of the fire,
  • اندر افتم از کمال اعتماد ** از عباد الله دارم بس امید
  • I, from perfect confidence (in him), will fall (throw myself) in: I have great hope of them that are devoted to God.
  • سر در اندازم نه این دستارخوان ** ز اعتماد هر کریم رازدان
  • I will throw myself in, not (only) this napkin, because of my confidence in every generous one who knows the mystery.”
  • ای برادر خود برین اکسیر زن ** کم نباید صدق مرد از صدق زن
  • O brother, apply thyself to this elixir: the faith of a man must not be less than the faith of a woman.
  • آن دل مردی که از زن کم بود ** آن دلی باشد که کم ز اشکم بود
  • The heart of the man that is less than a woman is the heart that is less (in worth) than the belly.
  • قصه‌ی فریاد رسیدن رسول علیه السلام کاروان عرب را کی از تشنگی و بی‌آبی در مانده بودند و دل بر مرگ نهاده شتران و خلق زبان برون انداخته
  • Story of the Prophet's, on whom be peace, coming to the aid of a caravan of Arabs who had been brought to sore straits by thirst and lack of water and had set their minds on death: (both) the camels and the people (of the caravan) had let their tongues drop out (of their mouths from exhaustion).
  • اندر آن وادی گروهی از عرب ** خشک شد از قحط بارانشان قرب 3130
  • In that wadi (was) a company of Arabs: their water-skins had become dry from lack of rain: