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  • چون ز دستت زخم بر مظلوم رست ** آن درختی گشت ازو زقوم رست
  • When blows proceeded from your hand against the victim of injustice, they became a tree (in Hell): the Zaqqúm grew from them.
  • چون ز خشم آتش تو در دلها زدی ** مایه‌ی نار جهنم آمدی
  • When in anger you threw fire into (people's) hearts, you became the source of Hell-fire.
  • آتشت اینجا چو آدم سوز بود ** آنچ از وی زاد مرد افروز بود
  • Since here (in this world) your fire was burning mankind, that which was born of it was kindling men (in Hell).
  • آتش تو قصد مردم می‌کند ** نار کز وی زاد بر مردم زند
  • Your fire (of anger) makes an attack on the people (here): the fire that sprang from it rushes against the people (there).
  • آن سخنهای چو مار و کزدمت ** مار و کزدم گشت و می‌گیرد دمت 3475
  • Your words resembling snakes and scorpions have become snakes and scorpions and are seizing your tail (assailing you from behind).
  • اولیا را داشتی در انتظار ** انتظار رستخیزت گشت یار
  • You kept the friends (of God) waiting: (hence) you will be kept waiting at the Resurrection.
  • وعده‌ی فردا و پس‌فردای تو ** انتظار حشرت آمد وای تو
  • Your promise, “To-morrow” and “the day after to-morrow,” has become your waiting on the Day of Congregation: alas for you!
  • منتظر مانی در آن روز دراز ** در حساب و آفتاب جان‌گداز
  • You will remain waiting on that long Day, (engaged) in rendering an account (of your actions) and (standing) in the soul-consuming sun,
  • کسمان را منتظر می‌داشتی ** تخم فردا ره روم می‌کاشتی
  • Because you were wont to keep Heaven waiting and sow the seed of “I will go on the Way to-morrow.”
  • خشم تو تخم سعیر دوزخست ** هین بکش این دوزخت را کین فخست 3480
  • Your anger is the seed of Hell-fire: take heed, extinguish this Hell of yours, for this is a trap.