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  • از حدیث این جهان محجوب کرد ** غیر خون او می‌نداند چاشت خورد
  • Debarred it from (hearkening to) the news of this world: it knows no breakfast but blood.
  • قصه‌ی خورندگان پیل‌بچه از حرص و ترک نصیحت ناصح
  • Story of those who ate the young elephant from greed and because they neglected the advice of the sincere counsellor.
  • آن شنیدی تو که در هندوستان ** دید دانایی گروهی دوستان
  • Hast thou heard that in India a sage espied a party of friends?
  • گرسنه مانده شده بی‌برگ و عور ** می‌رسیدند از سفر از راه دور 70
  • Left hungry, lacking provisions, and naked, they were coming from travel on a far road.
  • مهر داناییش جوشید و بگفت ** خوش سلامیشان و چون گلبن شکفت
  • His wisdom's love was stirred (within him), and he gave them a fair greeting and blossomed like a rose-bush.
  • گفت دانم کز تجوع وز خلا ** جمع آمد رنجتان زین کربلا
  • “I know,” he said, “that anguish has gathered upon you from this Karbalá (of suffering) in consequence of hunger and emptiness;
  • لیک الله الله ای قوم جلیل ** تا نباشد خوردتان فرزند پیل
  • But, for God's sake, for God's sake, O illustrious company, let not your food be the young of the elephant!
  • پیل هست این سو که اکنون می‌روید ** پیل‌زاده مشکرید و بشنوید
  • The elephant is in this direction that ye are now going; do not tear in pieces the elephant's offspring, but hearken (to me).
  • پیل‌بچگانند اندر راهتان ** صید ایشان هست بس دلخواهتان 75
  • The young elephants are on your road: to hunt them down is what your hearts desire exceedingly.
  • بس ضعیف‌اند و لطیف و بس سمین ** لیک مادر هست طالب در کمین
  • They are very weak and tender and very fat, but their mother is searching (after them and) lying in wait.
  • از پی فرزند صد فرسنگ راه ** او بگردد در حنین و آه آه
  • She will roam a hundred leagues' distance in quest of her children, moaning and making lament.