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  • گه چنین شاهی ازو پیدا کنیم ** گه هم او را پیش شه شیدا کنیم
  • Now We produce from it a (spiritual) king like this; now We make it frenzied (with love) in the presence of the king:
  • صد هزاران عاشق و معشوق ازو ** در فغان و در نفیر و جست و جو
  • On account of him hundreds of thousands of lovers and loved ones are in lamentation and outcry and search.
  • کار ما اینست بر کوری آن ** که به کار ما ندارد میل جان 1005
  • This is Our work, to the confusion of that one who hath no spiritual inclination towards Our work.
  • این فضیلت خاک را زان رو دهیم ** که نواله پیش بی‌برگان نهیم
  • We confer this eminence on the earth for the same reason that We place a portion of food before the destitute,
  • زانک دارد خاک شکل اغبری ** وز درون دارد صفات انوری
  • Because the earth has the external form of dunness, while inwardly it has the qualities of luminosity.
  • ظاهرش با باطنش گشته به جنگ ** باطنش چون گوهر و ظاهر چو سنگ
  • Its outward (appearance) has come to be at war with its inward (reality): its inward is like a jewel and its outward like a (common) stone.
  • ظاهرش گوید که ما اینیم و بس ** باطنش گوید نکو بین پیش و پس
  • Its outward says, ‘We are this, and no more’; its inward says, ‘Look well before and behind!’
  • ظاهرش منکر که باطن هیچ نیست ** باطنش گوید که بنماییم بیست 1010
  • Its outward is denying (and says) that the inward is naught; its inward says, ‘We will show (thee the truth): wait (and see)!’
  • ظاهرش با باطنش در چالش‌اند ** لاجرم زین صبر نصرت می‌کشند
  • Its outward and its inward are in strife: necessarily they are drawing (Divine) aid from this patient endurance.
  • زین ترش‌رو خاک صورتها کنیم ** خنده‌ی پنهانش را پیدا کنیم
  • We make the forms (of existence) from this sour-faced earth: We make manifest its hidden laughter,