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  • دست جنباند چو دست او ولیک ** در میان هر دوشان فرقیست نیک 1155
  • He (the weaver of common cloth) moves his hand like his (the satin-weaver’s) hand, but there is a good difference between the two of them:
  • قصه‌ی شاعر و صله دادن شاه و مضاعف کردن آن وزیر بوالحسن نام
  • Story of the poet and how the king gave him a reward and how the vizier, whose name was Bu ’l-Hasan, made it many times greater.
  • شاعری آورد شعری پیش شاه ** بر امید خلعت و اکرام و جاه
  • A poet brought a poem before the king in hope of (receiving) robes of honour and bounty and rank.
  • شاه مکرم بود فرمودش هزار ** از زر سرخ و کرامات و نثار
  • The king was munificent: he ordered him (to receive) a thousand (dinars) of red gold and bounties and largesse.
  • پس وزیرش گفت کین اندک بود ** ده هزارش هدیه وا ده تا رود
  • Then the vizier said to him, “This is (too) little: bestow (on him) a gift of ten thousand (dinars), that he may depart (satisfied).
  • از چنو شاعر نس از تو بحردست ** ده هزاری که بگفتم اندکست
  • From a poet like him intellect (displays itself); from thee, whose hand is like the ocean (in bounty), the (sum of) ten thousand (dinars) which I mentioned is little.”
  • فقه گفت آن شاه را و فلسفه ** تا برآمد عشر خرمن از کفه 1160
  • He argued and reasoned with the king until the tithe on the threshed grain was made up out of the unthreshed ears of corn (which remain on the threshing-floor).
  • ده هزارش داد و خلعت درخورش ** خانه‌ی شکر و ثنا گشت آن سرش
  • He (the king) gave him the ten thousand (dinars) and the robes of honour suitable to him: his head became a house of thanksgiving and praise.
  • پس تفحص کرد کین سعی کی بود ** شاه را اهلیت من کی نمود
  • Then he made inquiry, saying, “Whose work was this? Who declared my merit to the king?”
  • پس بگفتندش فلان‌الدین وزیر ** آن حسن نام و حسن خلق و ضمیر
  • So they told him, “(It was) —— al-Dín, the vizier, he whose name is Hasan and whose disposition and heart are good (hasan).”
  • در ثنای او یکی شعری دراز ** بر نبشت و سوی خانه رفت باز
  • He wrote a long poem in praise of him (the vizier) and returned home.