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  • که چه خسپی آخر اندر رز نگر ** این درختان بین و آثار و خضر 1360
  • “Why,” said he, “dost thou sleep? Nay, look at the vines, behold these trees and marks (of Divine mercy) and green plants.
  • امر حق بشنو که گفتست انظروا ** سوی این آثار رحمت آر رو
  • Hearken to the command of God, for He hath said, ‘Look ye’: turn thy face towards these marks of (Divine) mercy.”
  • گفت آثارش دلست ای بوالهوس ** آن برون آثار آثارست و بس
  • He replied, “O man of vanity, its marks are (within) the heart: that (which is) without is only the marks of the marks.”
  • باغها و سبزه‌ها در عین جان ** بر برون عکسش چو در آب روان
  • The (real) orchards and verdure are in the very essence of the soul: the reflexion thereof upon (that which is) without is as (the reflexion) in running water.
  • آن خیال باغ باشد اندر آب ** که کند از لطف آب آن اضطراب
  • In the water there is (only) the phantom (reflected image) of the orchard, which quivers on account of the subtle quality of the water.
  • باغها و میوه‌ها اندر دلست ** عکس لطف آن برین آب و گلست 1365
  • The (real) orchards and fruits are within the heart: the reflexion of their beauty is (falling) upon this water and earth (the external world).
  • گر نبودی عکس آن سرو سرور ** پس نخواندی ایزدش دار الغرور
  • If it were not the reflexion of that delectable cypress, then God would not have called it the abode of deception.
  • این غرور آنست یعنی این خیال ** هست از عکس دل و جان رجال
  • This deception is (consists in) that: i.e. this phantom (the external world) exists (derives its existence) from the reflexion of the heart and spirit of the (holy) men.
  • جمله مغروران برین عکس آمده ** بر گمانی کین بود جنت‌کده
  • All the deceived ones come to (gaze on) this reflexion in the opinion that this is the place of Paradise.
  • می‌گریزند از اصول باغها ** بر خیالی می‌کنند آن لاغها
  • They are fleeing from the origins of the orchards; they are making merry over a phantom.