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  • ای خنک آن را که پیش از مرگ مرد ** یعنی او از اصل این رز بوی برد
  • Oh, happy he that died before death, i.e. he got scent of (became acquainted with) the origin of this vineyard.
  • قصه‌ی رستن خروب در گوشه‌ی مسجد اقصی و غمگین شدن سلیمان علیه‌السلام از آن چون به سخن آمد با او و خاصیت و نام خود بگفت
  • Story of the growing of the carob in a nook of the Farther Mosque, and how Solomon, on whom be peace, was grieved thereat, when it began to talk with him and told its characteristic property and its name
  • پس سلیمان دید اندر گوشه‌ای ** نوگیاهی رسته هم‌چون خوشه‌ای
  • Then Solomon saw that a new plant had grown, like an ear of corn, in a nook (of the Mosque).
  • دید بس نادر گیاهی سبز و تر ** می‌ربود آن سبزیش نور از بصر
  • He saw a very uncommon plant, green and fresh: its green ness took away the light from (dazzled) the sight.
  • پس سلامش کرد در حال آن حشیش ** او جوابش گفت و بشکفت از خوشیش 1375
  • Then that herb at once saluted him: he answered it (returned its salutation) and marvelled at its beauty.
  • گفت نامت چیست برگو بی‌دهان ** گفت خروبست ای شاه جهان
  • I said, “What is thy name? Say (it) without mouth.” It said, ‘‘It is ‘carob,’ O king of the world.’’
  • گفت اندر تو چه خاصیت بود ** گفت من رستم مکان ویران شود
  • He said, “What special property is (resides) in thee?” It replied, “(Where) I have grown, the place becomes desolate.
  • من که خروبم خراب منزلم ** هادم بنیاد این آب و گلم
  • I, who am carob (kharrub), am the ruin (kharàb) of the abode: I am the destroyer of the building (made) of this water and clay.”
  • پس سلیمان آن زمان دانست زود ** که اجل آمد سفر خواهد نمود
  • Then at that moment Solomon immediately understood that the appointed term (of his life) was come and that the (hour of) departure would (soon) appear.
  • گفت تا من هستم این مسجد یقین ** در خلل ناید ز آفات زمین 1380
  • He said, “So long as I exist, assuredly this Mosque will not be damaged by the banes of the earth.
  • تا که من باشم وجود من بود ** مسجداقصی مخلخل کی شود
  • Whilst I am (here) and my existence continues, how should the Farther Mosque become riven with cracks (fall into decay)?”