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  • مر محک را ره بود در نقد و قلب ** که خدایش کرد امیر جسم و قلب
  • The (spiritual) touchstone hath a way to (know) the genuine and the spurious coin, for God made him the commander of (both) body and heart.
  • چون شیاطین با غلیظیهای خویش ** واقف‌اند از سر ما و فکر و کیش
  • Since the devils, notwithstanding their grossnesses, are acquainted with our inmost soul and thought and belief,
  • مسلکی دارند دزدیده درون ** ما ز دزدیهای ایشان سرنگون 1785
  • (And) have a passage (means of penetrating) stealthily within, (so that) we are overthrown by their thievish practices,
  • دم به دم خبط و زیانی می‌کنند ** صاحب نقب و شکاف روزنند
  • (And since) they continually inflict a (great) derangement and damage (upon us), for they are masters of the (interior) tunnel and window-slit—
  • پس چرا جان‌های روشن در جهان ** بی‌خبر باشند از حال نهان
  • Why, then, should the illuminated spirits in the world be unaware of our hidden state?
  • در سرایت کمتر از دیوان شدند ** روحها که خیمه بر گردون زدند
  • Have the spirits that pitched their tent on Heaven become inferior to the devils in respect of permeation (the power of insinuating themselves into our hearts)?
  • دیو دزدانه سوی گردون رود ** از شهاب محرق او مطعون شود
  • The devil goes like a thief towards Heaven, and he is pierced with a burning meteor:
  • سرنگون از چرخ زیر افتد چنان ** که شقی در جنگ از زخم سنان 1790
  • He falls down headlong from the sky as the wretched (infidel falls when smitten) in battle by the blow of the spear-point.
  • آن ز رشک روحهای دل‌پسند ** از فلکشان سرنگون می‌افکنند
  • That is caused by the jealousy (indignation) of the delectable spirits (the prophets and saints): (hence) they (the angels) cast them (the devils) headlong from Heaven.
  • تو اگر شلی و لنگ و کور و کر ** این گمان بر روحهای مه مبر
  • If you are palsied and lame and blind and deaf, (yet) do not hold this (bad) opinion of the great spirits.