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  • باد بوی‌آور مر او را آب گشت ** آب هم او را شراب ناب گشت
  • The scent-bearing breeze became water for him; for him too the water became pure wine.
  • چون درو آثار مستی شد پدید ** یک مرید او را از آن دم بر رسید 1810
  • When the marks of intoxication appeared in him, a disciple questioned him concerning that breath (Divine afflatus);
  • پس بپرسیدش که این احوال خوش ** که برونست از حجاب پنج و شش
  • Then he asked him, “(What are) these sweet ecstasies which are beyond the pale of the five (senses) and the six (directions)?
  • گاه سرخ و گاه زرد و گه سپید ** می‌شود رویت چه حالست و نوید
  • Thy face is becoming now red and now yellow and now white: what is the (good) hap and the glad tidings?
  • می‌کشی بوی و به ظاهر نیست گل ** بی‌شک از غیبست و از گلزار کل
  • Thou art inhaling scent, and no flowers are visible: doubtless it is from the Unseen and from the garden of the Universal.
  • ای تو کام جان هر خودکامه‌ای ** هر دم از غیبت پیام و نامه‌ای
  • O thou who art the desire of every one who (wilfully) follows his own desire (for God), thou to whom there is (coming) at every moment a message and letter from the Unseen,
  • هر دمی یعقوب‌وار از یوسفی ** می‌رسد اندر مشام تو شفا 1815
  • Thou to whose (spiritual) organ of smell there is coming at every moment, as to Jacob, balm from a Joseph,
  • قطره‌ای بر ریز بر ما زان سبو ** شمه‌ای زان گلستان با ما بگو
  • Spill upon us one drop from that pitcher, give us one word that smells of that garden.
  • خو نداریم ای جمال مهتری ** که لب ما خشک و تو تنها خوری
  • We are not accustomed, O (thou who art the) beauty of (spiritual) majesty, that thou shouldst drink alone while our lips are dry.
  • ای فلک‌پیمای چست چست‌خیز ** زانچ خوردی جرعه‌ای بر ما بریز
  • O nimble, nimbly-rising traverser of Heaven, spill upon us one draught of that which thou hast drunk.