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  • از پس آن سالها آمد پدید ** بوالحسن بعد وفات بایزید
  • After those years (had passed), Bu ’l-Hasan appeared (in the world) after the death of Báyazíd.
  • جمله‌ی خوهای او ز امساک وجود ** آن‌چنان آمد که آن شه گفته بود 1850
  • All his dispositions, (whether in the way) of withholding tenaciously or bestowing liberally, proved to be such as that (spiritual) king (Báyazíd) had foretold.
  • لوح محفوظ است او را پیشوا ** از چه محفوظست محفوظ از خطا
  • His (Báyazíd's) guide is “the guarded tablet.” From what is it guarded? It is guarded from error.
  • نه نجومست و نه رملست و نه خواب ** وحی حق والله اعلم بالصواب
  • The inspiration of God is not (like) astrology or geomancy or dreams—and God best knoweth what is right.
  • از پی روپوش عامه در بیان ** وحی دل گویند آن را صوفیان
  • The Súfís in explaining (their doctrine) call it (the Divine inspiration) the inspiration of the heart, in order to disguise (its real nature) from the vulgar.
  • وحی دل گیرش که منظرگاه اوست ** چون خطا باشد چو دل آگاه اوست
  • Take it to be the inspiration of the heart, for it (the heart) is the place where He is seen: how should there be error when the heart is aware of Him?
  • ممنا ینظر به نور الله شدی ** از خطا و سهو آمن آمدی 1855
  • O true believer, thou hast become seeing by the light of God: thou hast become secure from error and inadvertence.
  • نقصان اجرای جان و دل صوفی از طعام الله
  • The reduction of the allowance of God’s food for the soul and heart of the Súfí .
  • صوفیی از فقر چون در غم شود ** عین فقرش دایه و مطعم شود
  • When a Súfí is distressed by (the outward effects of spiritual) poverty, the very essence of poverty becomes his nurse and his food,
  • زانک جنت از مکاره رسته است ** رحم قسم عاجزی اشکسته است
  • Because Paradise hath grown from thing disliked, and Mercy is the portion of one who is helpless and broken.
  • آنک سرها بشکند او از علو ** رحم حق و خلق ناید سوی او
  • He that haughtily breaks the heads (of people), the mercy of God and His creatures cometh not towards him.