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  • باده‌ای را می‌بود این شر و شور ** نور حق را نیست آن فرهنگ و زور 2120
  • A wine hath this (power to excite) disturbance and commotion: hath not the Light of God that virtue and potency
  • که ترا از تو به کل خالی کند ** تو شوی پست او سخن عالی کند
  • To make you entirely empty of self, (so that) you should be laid low and He should make the Word lofty (within you)?
  • گر چه قرآن از لب پیغامبرست ** هر که گوید حق نگفت او کافرست
  • Though the Qur’án is (dictated) from the lips of the Prophet —if any one says God did not speak it, he is an infidel.
  • چون همای بی‌خودی پرواز کرد ** آن سخن را بایزید آغاز کرد
  • When the humá of selflessness took wing (and soared), Báyazíd began (to repeat) those words.
  • عقل را سیل تحیر در ربود ** زان قوی‌تر گفت که اول گفته بود
  • The flood of bewilderment swept away his reason: he spoke more strongly than he had spoken at first,
  • نیست اندر جبه‌ام الا خدا ** چند جویی بر زمین و بر سما 2125
  • (Saying), “Within my mantle there is naught but God: how long wilt thou seek on the earth and in heaven?”
  • آن مریدان جمله دیوانه شدند ** کاردها در جسم پاکش می‌زدند
  • All the disciples became frenzied and dashed their knives at his holy body.
  • هر یکی چون ملحدان گرده کوه ** کارد می‌زد پیر خود را بی ستوه
  • Like the heretics of Girdakúh, every one was ruthlessly stabbing his spiritual Director.
  • هر که اندر شیخ تیغی می‌خلید ** بازگونه از تن خود می‌درید
  • Every one who plunged a dagger into the Shaykh was reversely making a gash in his own body.
  • یک اثر نه بر تن آن ذوفنون ** وان مریدان خسته و غرقاب خون
  • There was no mark (of a wound) on the body of that possessor of the (mystic) sciences, while those disciples were wounded and drowned in blood.