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  • گر هزاران چرخ در چشمش رود ** هم‌چو چشمه پیش قلزم گم شود
  • If thousands of spheres should enter into its eye, they would vanish like a fountain before the ocean.
  • چشم بگذشته ازین محسوسها ** یافته از غیب‌بینی بوسها
  • The eye that has passed beyond these objects of sense-perception and won kisses from vision of the Unseen—
  • خود نمی‌یابم یکی گوشی که من ** نکته‌ای گویم از آن چشم حسن
  • Verily, I do not find a single ear to which I should tell a mystery concerning that beauteous eye.
  • می‌چکید آن آب محمود جلیل ** می‌ربودی قطره‌اش را جبرئیل 2645
  • (If) the lauded and august water were to trickle (from that eye), Gabriel would (eagerly) carry off its drops,
  • تا بمالد در پر و منقال خویش ** گر دهد دستوریش آن خوب کیش
  • That he might rub them on his wings and beak, if that person of goodly practice give him permission.
  • باز گوید خشم کمپیر ار فروخت ** فر و نور و علم و صبرم را نسوخت
  • The falcon says, “If the anger of the old crone has blazed forth, (yet) it has not consumed my glory and splendour and self-denial and knowledge.
  • باز جانم باز صد صورت تند ** زخم بر ناقه نه بر صالح زند
  • The falcon, (which is) my spirit, will still weave a hundred forms: the blow falls on the she-camel, not on Sálih.
  • صالح از یک‌دم که آرد با شکوه ** صد چنان ناقه بزاید متن کوه
  • At a single awful breath that Sálih heaves, the back (womb) of the mountain will bring to birth a hundred such she-camels.”
  • دل همی گوید خموش و هوش دار ** ورنه درانید غیرت پود و تار 2650
  • (My) heart is saying, “Be silent and observe discretion; otherwise, the (Divine) jealousy will end the warp and woof (of thy existence).”
  • غیرتش را هست صد حلم نهان ** ورنه سوزیدی به یک دم صد جهان
  • His jealousy hath a hundred hidden clemencies; else in one moment it would consume a hundred worlds.